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   Chapter 1672 Acquiring A Lot Of Enlightening Crystals

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"Now that I've broken the fifth restriction of the Invincible Bow, I guess the combination of the Invincible Bow and the Magic Archery will produce an immense power,"

Austin murmured as he held the bow tightly in his hand.

"Let's go make a fortune," he said to Valerie in high spirits.

The next minute, he transported himself and Valerie out of the City model.

As soon as the two of them were back in the desert, Austin immediately unleashed his spiritual sense to scan his surroundings. It only took him a few seconds to know what was happening within a hundred miles around him.

'There are two hundred sand men nearby. I need to act quickly or else they will be killed by other cultivators, '

Austin analyzed carefully.

"I need you to help me collect crystals,"

he said as he turned to Valerie.


Valerie was deeply confused. She had no idea what Austin was up to.

Austin held the bow in his left hand as he used his right hand to pull the bowstring.

The vital energy coming out from his right hand formed a purple arrow that then was attached to the bowstring.

As he released the string, the purple arrow shot out in a flash.

At the same time, a young man who was at the medium stage of Bitter Sea Realm was fighting against a sand man of his level.

He was almost thirty miles away from where Austin and the girl stood.

After a tense fight, the young cultivator was now gaining the upper hand.

"Go to hell!"

With a loud shout, he waved his blade at the sand man's head. He moved so quickly without giving his opponent a chance to dodge.

"I can finally end you," the young man said confidently.

With the current situation, he was convinced that he was going to finish that sand man.

When he was about to hit the man in the head, a purple arrow came at them in a blinding speed.

It smashed the sand man in an instant.

Taken aback, the young man quickly moved aside to dodge the arrow.

"Damn it! I almost succeeded, but somebody was a step ahead of me. Who the hell is that bastard?" the young man cursed with gritted teeth, seething with fury.

Anyone who had been in his shoes would be as angry as he was. After all, he could have acquired a big number of crystals as rewards. It was like a pot of gold turned to stone.

While this young man was simmering with rage and frustration, a hundred and ten thousand enlightening crystals dropped in front of Austin.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Austin fiercely shot purple arrows one by one.


g as they collected thousands of enlightening crystals.

The bodily movement skill that Austin created was so mysterious that it was difficult and almost impossible for other people to track him down.

Once Austin felt that their pursuers were approaching, he would take Valerie and become invisible. The other cultivators could not spot them.

Half a day later, Austin had put down over six thousand sand men in the desert.

He had been rewarded with about five hundred million enlightening crystals.

All the while, Valerie's job was to put the crystals into the Space Ring. She felt tired after collecting so many crystals.

She even doubted if she was only dreaming as she stared at the enlightening crystals. Her eyes could have been tricking her the entire time.

She had not ever seen such a great number of enlightening crystals in her life.

"Let's go split it in halves," Austin proposed.

He divided the enlightening crystals evenly and kept them into two Space Rings.

Then he handed one of those Space Rings to Valerie.

"What? Are you serious?

You're giving me half of them?"

Valerie widened her eyes in surprise as her jaw almost dropped.

"No, I can't take it. These are your rewards. I didn't do anything to help you,"

Valerie refused as she waved her hands and shook her head.

"Just take it.

I mean it," Austin insisted.

He then threw one of the Space Rings that contained more than two hundred million enlightening crystals at the girl.

"Let's get to the second floor," he continued.

He then walked towards the depths of the desert where the teleportation passage which could get them to the second floor was.

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