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   Chapter 1671 Rescuing A Dismal In Distress

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"Go to hell!"

A stoic faced Austin blurted to them.

After that, one of the three golden balls flew towards the two cultivators who were at the premium stage of Bitter Sea Realm.

Before they could use their bodily movement skills to run away, the golden ball hit and smashed them to fine powder.

Those who could display abnormal visions during their cultivation were far more powerful than other cultivators of their level.

These five men were just common Bitter Sea Realm cultivators. They couldn't withstand the power of the abnormal vision created by Austin for so long. Eventually, they ended pulverized in no time at all.

The naked girl gaped at Austin in sheer shock.

'That's scarily good.

Five in a heartbeat!' she remarked in awe.

The girl's unwavering stare made him uncomfortable. He deliberately cleared his throat just to break the awkward atmosphere that engulfed them. "You are safe now.

I think I'm no longer needed here,"

he stiltedly mumbled while secretly checking her out.

'She's hot, ' were the thoughts playing in his mind as he swallowed.

The maiden was bare from head to toe, nothing hidden from sight.

Finally realizing her state of undress, the girl screamed out of embarrassment.

She then wrapped her arms around her body.

"Turn around,"

she demanded.

"Got it. Calm down. Put on some clothes first," he said in panic.

The shrill scream made his ears ring and caused him to hurriedly turn around blushing.

The girl immediately took out clean clothes from her Space Ring and quickly wore them.

Satisfied and composed that she was now clothed, she approached him and offered her hand.

"I'm Valerie Ding of the Fall Valley. Thank you for saving me, sir,"

gratefully she muttered this and encouraged him to shake her hand.

Austin never heard about this Fall Valley before, so he assumed that it was a weak sect.

"Why were you alone? I guess you came here with other disciples from your sect,"

he asked.

"Our sect is one of the fifth-class sects in the East

epths of the desert

because the teleportation passage to the second floor was there.

Once they arrived, he paused in his tracks.

An idea crossed his mind.

'I don't have much harvest from this floor because I was on the run with hopes of meeting sand men along the way.

I have the Invincible Bow though and I learned Magic Archery.

Once I use them both, my targets can't escape even if they're a hundred miles away.

All I need to do is to spot the sand men with the use of my spiritual sense and shoot arrows.

That way, I can kill a lot of them in a short time and get more enlightening crystals, '

Austin mulled over.

He took out the Invincible Bow.

'I am at the premium stage of Bitter Sea Realm. My spiritual sense and cultivation base had greatly improved. Perhaps I can already break the fifth restriction of the bow, ' he considered.

Right there and then he decided to do so.

Without wasting time, he transported himself and Valerie into his City model.

In a blink of an eye, the two of them emerged on a street of the model.

Valerie was shocked to find herself in a strange place.

Ignoring her reaction, Austin sat down on his feet and had the Invincible Bow floating in front of him.

Two hours later, Austin stood up, happy with his hard work.

He successfully broke the fifth restriction of the Invincible Bow.

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