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   Chapter 1670 The Power Of The Abnormal Vision

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On his journey, Austin witnessed many cultivators fight the sand men. They punched and pummeled them and ran off to find more.

They fought with ease because most of the cultivators had a strong spiritual sense. They had moved up in their cultivation so that these attacks were simple to them.

Austin watched as these cultivators destroyed their enemies. He then realized people came into this tower were all strong cultivators.

There were so many cultivators that some of them even fought each other.

The cultivators would single out those who were weaker than them. Then they murdered them and stole their treasures.

Austin remained indifferent when seeing such scenes. He didn't have any interest in fighting with the cultivators; he wanted to fight the sand men.

In their world, strength meant power. The strong ones among them didn't think twice about murdering the weak. They ignored the begging and pleading and mercilessly killed everyone below them.

Austin had reached the premium stage of Bitter Sea Realm, and he didn't hide his real strength. It was not about showing off, but a means of self-protection.

The other cultivators would see him and keep running. They didn't have enough strength to risk robbing him. Only Divine Bridge Realm masters would challenge him but he hadn't seen any yet.

Since entering the tower, Austin had defeated a few hundred sand men that were of the Emperor Realm.

It took him several minutes to get to the center of the desert. Here, he was in the open and exposed to more strong sand men. He looked around and to his surprise, a sand man was already approaching him.

With a snarl, a tall, sand man that was at the preliminary stage of Bitter Sea Realm ran towards Austin.

Its hands were outstretched and there was a hunger for death on its face.

'There we go. I can finally fight a sand man that is at the Bitter Sea Realm. I wonder how much I could get this time, '

Austin thought.

With a smile, he activated his bodily movement skill and vanished. A second later, he appeared behind the sand man and ran up to him.

He retracted his fist and sunk it into the sand man's head. The sand man cried out and spun to face him.

Before it could even touch Austin, the sand man exploded and the grains of sand fell to the ground.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

One hundred thousand enlightening crystals appeared out of nowhere and scattered in a circle around Austin.

'I get it. If I annihilate a sand man that is at the preliminary stage of Bitter Sea Realm, I'll be rewarded with one hundred thousand enlightening crystals, ' he thought as he put them in his Space Ring.

He looked ahead but there were no sand men in sight. Making a decision, he started walking forwards. Eventually, he came across two sand men—one was at the medium stage of Bitter Sea Realm, while the other was at the premium stage of Bitter Sea Realm.

They roared when they saw him and charged towards him. Austin easily destroyed the sand man that was at the medium stage of Bitter Sea Realm, and he saw one hundred and ten thousand enlightening crystals spread across the sand.

A satisfied smile spread on his lips. He spun on his heel and hit the sand man that was at the premium stage of Bitt

abnormal vision that came along with the successful cultivation of the Golden Sun Scripture. He could see no better opportunity than this one.

He closed his eyes and focused.

In a split second, three small, golden balls came out of his body.

They soared into the air, slowly growing, before stopping to float behind Austin. Like the sun, they gave off a bright, golden light and extreme heat.

The men looked at the suns with wide eyes. They stopped running towards Austin and looked at him uncertainly.

The three golden balls hovered in the air, making the temperature rise so high that it was unbearable for humans.

Austin smiled.

The men looked upwards as golden flames shot out of the golden balls and fly towards them.

The five cultivators were sweating and that sweat dripped into their eyes and blurred their sight. The sand next to Austin was smoking like it was about to catch on fire.

Austin was surrounded by a sea of golden fire but it didn't burn him. The three golden balls rose and fell behind, producing more fire every second.

"Oh, no! We have to run!" screamed the three cultivators who were at the medium stage of Bitter Sea Realm.

They turned to run but before they could take a step, the flames enveloped them and they couldn't move.

"It's so hot! Help me! Help!"

Quickly, they tried using their best powers to extinguish the flames but nothing was working. As a last ditch effort, they activated their bodily movement skills, hoping to outrun the fire.

Austin pointed at the three of them and one of the huge golden balls flew after them. Their bodies turned white as the ball caught up to them, blinding their eyes.

They were running as fast as they could but it was no match for Austin's ball of fire. It kissed their heels and they fell to the ground.

As soon as the golden ball had consumed them, they were nothing but piles of dust.

"Abnormal vision! This is an abnormal vision! Which holy land or prominent clan are you from?" the remaining two Bitter Sea Realm masters who were at the premium stage exclaimed with fear.

Austin laughed and turned to look at them with a huge smirk on his face.

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