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   Chapter 1669 The Sand Men

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All the young cultivators including Austin waited anxiously for the door of the Spiritual Tower to open.

Two hours later, the gate of the tower was pushed opened by an invisible force.

Everyone present watched as the door opened slowly. Their eyes fixed on the small opening in front of them.

The iron door could withstand even the most powerful attacks from ultimate magical treasures. Its towering strength unparalleled by any other kingdom. It opened every one hundred years and it would close in ten days.

Finally, the door was fully opened.

The young cultivators unleashed their spiritual senses to check what was inside the tower but their attempts were to no avail. A spiritual force seemed to block any attempt to peek inside the massive doors.

"Let's go!" shouted Stephen who was the Holy Son of the Arcane Holy Land, as he signaled his companions to enter the tower.

He dashed towards the door at full speed.

Upon hearing his order, dozens of disciples from the Arcane Holy Land rushed through the door and disappeared into the tower.

"Let's get inside.

The trial has begun!"

one of the remaining young cultivators shouted.

A multitude of people raced towards the entrance of the tower. Each one wanted to be the first to enter the door.

Austin estimated that there were over forty thousand young men present, eager to explore the Spiritual Tower.

The number of the young cultivators who were going to the tower was equal to the number of disciples in a top sect.

Austin squeezed his way out from the crowd and got into the Spiritual Tower.

As soon as he stepped into the tower, he felt a cold mist caressed his skin. A spatial teleportation power enveloped him and lifted him off the ground.

Soon, he could feel his feet touching the ground.

As he opened his eyes, he was no longer in that dark room.

He looked around him and realized he was in an endless desert.

Yellow sand could be seen everywhere. Some stayed afloat and danced in the wind's rhythm.

It was dry and extremely hot. He could feel his skin burning from the heat.

Three scorching suns paraded in the sky above him. Each was majestic in its own way, but hostile as it gave off blazing light and unbearable heat.

Austin was sweating under the glare of the three suns. If he wasn't a cultivator, he would have died of heat stroke the moment he stepped on to the sand.

He glanced around and did not see any life forms. There was no trees, no plants, herbs. Everything around him was sand.

"So I am on

ated, it will transform back into sand.

This way, this desert can form infinite sand men, ' Austin analyzed.

Before long, a heap of enlightening crystals dropped in front of him out of nowhere.

He estimated that there were thirty thousand crystals.

'The reward for striking down a sand man  at the premium stage of Emperor Realm is thirty thousand enlightening crystals.

It's not an attractive reward

But anyway I will take them, ' he thought, feeling slightly disappointed at the reward.

With a wave of his hand, Austin put the enlightening crystals into his Space Ring.

In a few of moments, another five sand men appeared and surrounded him. They were as huge and as muscular as the first.

Their cultivation base ranged from the preliminary stage of Emperor Realm to the premium stage of Emperor Realm.

Now that he knew their powers, it was child's play for Austin to fight them. He finished them in a breeze, and one by one they disappeared back into the sand.

The reward for slaying a sand man which was at the preliminary stage of Emperor Realm was ten thousand enlightening crystals.

The reward for taking out a sand man which had the power of the medium stage of Emperor Realm was twenty thousand enlightening crystals.

Taking care of the sand men was effortless. Austin kept going relying solely on his own spiritual sense.

Along the way, he was attacked by countless sand men which were at the Emperor Realm.

It was a piece of cake. Austin finished them with one slap.

That was the advantage of possessing strong physical power.

As long as his opponent's cultivation base was lower than his, he could beat him to death with one strike.

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