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   Chapter 1668 The Door Of The Spiritual Tower Is Opening

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"Cut the crap. Let the fight begin!" Edward urged.

The presence of the Peacock Princess brought him much delight. He was eager to defeat Max to show off his strength in front of her.

Filled with high spirits, he released immense demonic energy, which caused a strong wind. His golden hair danced in the wind, and two golden tridents materialized in his hands.

The tremendous demonic energy began darting at Max.

Just then, Edward swung his tridents at him.

A black blade appeared in Max's hand too. He waved his weapon at Edward, unleashing black vital energy to ward off the demonic energy coming from him.

The crowd looked at them with keen eyes. The duel between two talented young cultivators had finally begun.

Max withstood Edward's attack with his blade.

A loud clash of the collision of metals was heard.

Max and Edward both were forced to take a step backwards. They furrowed their eyebrows, and stared at each other.

Apparently, they became aware about the strength of their opponent.

As Max steadied himself, black vital energy emerged from his body. As it spread around him, it looked like black flames.

The next moment, the sky above Max's head turned dark.

Two tall, black skeletons with wings popped out behind Max.

They were completely under Max's control.

The two skeletons strode towards Edward.

Seeing them, Edward let out a defiant snort.

In a split second, golden vital energy gushed out from his body and rolled dramatically.

Everything started happening very fast.

Golden crows with bodies covered by flames came out from Edward's body.

In a blink of an eye, hundreds of thousands of fire crows flapped their wings and flew towards the two black, gigantic skeletons.

At the same time, Edward and Max rushed towards each other.

The tridents and the black blade clashed, causing a series of loud clanging noises.

Due to the enormous vital energy and violent demonic energy, the entire platform shook dramatically. The power was so much that it seemed the platform all was going to fall apart any minute soon.

Edward and Max were engaged in a tough battle.

Austin had been observing them in the fight, and discovered that both of them were equally matched.

But he also realized that Edward was faster than Max manifolds.

Austin assumed that Edward would gain the upper hand soon.

What happened later confirmed his assumption!

Two hours passed in the grueling duel. That was when Max was forced to shoot at a far distance.

He quickly managed to steady himself, but he was already a thousand meters away from Edward.

His face was turning pale gradually as he kept spitting out blood. It was evident that he was severely injured.

"Come on, this isn't over yet!" Edward said loudly.

On seeing Max spitting blood and getting hurt, he became more confident. He emitted dazzling golden light as if he was a deity. He took a stride in a bid to charge at his opponent. Obviously h

no harm and had to return empty handed.

Ever since, no cultivators in the East Mainland took up a chance of breaking into the Spiritual Tower.

Since the great masters failed to destroy the door of Spiritual Tower with the ultimate magical treasures, they thought it was a futile attempt to open the gates forcibly.

Austin perceived all the young cultivators around the tower with the aid of his spiritual sense and spotted many acquaintances.

He saw the Peacock Princess, Edward and Max.

Later, his eyes fell on a girl, whose face seemed familiar to him. It took him a few moments to recognize her.

"Stacy is here," he murmured to himself.

"Belle has come too."

He had caught sight of Belle—the granddaughter of the prime minister from the Solamnia Kingdom.

He remembered that when the Martial Arts Tournament had ended, the representative of the Jade Sect had recruited her as their disciple because she had the Crystal Moonlight Body.

Austin hadn't seen her since then. To his surprise, he had got the chance to meet her again.

As his gaze moved around across the crowd, he saw a disciple of the Vasteras Holy Land—Howard.


Austin remarked, as his face turned dark.

Austin and Howard had agreed to have a duel, but it had been delayed due to many things that had happened in between.

The people from top sects and clans from the East Mainland had assaulted the base of the Flame Holy Land and ruined it.

Because of that, Austin had to hide in the former headquarters of the Flame Holy Land. He stayed there in hiding for three years, and used the time to cultivate.

'That's great! Now that he is here, we can have the fight in the Spiritual Tower to fulfill our promises, ' Austin thought as he had his eyes fixated on Howard.

The man whom he wanted to defeat so desperately was standing there. And Austin was filled with a new energy rising due to anger and hatred for he wanted to win the duel against Howard at any cost.

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