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   Chapter 1667 Edward

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"Humph!" snorted Max coldly.

He was standing on the platform. He was dealing with the golden feathers that were galloping toward him. With a wave of his hand, thick fog suddenly appeared.

Thousands of golden feathers shot into the black fog as if they had fallen into mud. Then their speed slowed down and their power slowly weakened.

Finally, the golden feathers were suspended in the dark fog. They were motionless as if they were frozen.

A few moments later, the black fog faded away and the golden feathers disappeared as well.

After seeing what had just happened, the young cultivators of the Ji Clan behind Max breathed a sigh of relief.

They actually looked very pale and frightened.

Had it not been for Max who stopped the golden feathers, they would have all been dead now.

"Humph! You fools have the audacity to talk about me behind me back?"

A golden figure suddenly walked in midair going to the platform.

He was clad in gold. He had a handsome face, sharp eyes and golden hair. He looked as dazzling as the sun.

The man was Edward, the prince of the beast race.

Edward looked very arrogant. He stared at Max and the young cultivators of the Ji Clan with sharp eyes.

The young cultivators felt that Edward's biting stare went through their whole being. They were all tongue-tied.

Obviously, he was a terrifying person. Who would want to offend such a creature like him?

"I can't believe you accepted the challenge," said Max to Edward calmly.

The expression on his face had not changed at all.

"Ha ha! Are you kidding me?" answered Edward. "No one in the East Mainland can make me back down. Do you think you can? You must be dreaming, man!"

Edward let out an infuriating laugh.

He looked so domineering as his blonde hair danced with the wind.

He was also surrounded by golden light that made him look like he was made of gold.

"You might have forgotten what you did to Paul last month. Don't you know that he is still bedridden up to now?" upbraided Max.

"Today, I'll surely make you pay for it," he added.

His expression was eerily calm. His eyes didn't show any emotions at all.

"Yes, I injured your cousin Paul. Don't worry, I am not yet a senile. I remember everything I did to him," answered Edward with a smirk.

"But you cousin just deserved it. He hurt Peacock Princess of our beast race before. I only took vengeance for her."

An intense fury flashed through his eyes upon mentioning Paul's name.

"Actually, I was already kind enough for not killing him that time

ifferent sects and families, ' thought Austin with a frown.

How could he believe that Bray was serious?

"Look! The Holy Son and the Holy Daughter of the Arcane Holy Land are here too," whispered one cultivator suddenly.

Then everyone saw rays of light streaming through the crowd from afar.

All of a sudden, two individuals were in front of them.

One was a man surrounded by a blazing purple light while the other was a graceful and noble woman.

They were Stephen and Polly - the Holy Son and the Holy Daughter of the Arcane Holy Land.

Austin had once met them in the Purple Moon Mansion.

Stephen and Polly, together with their fellow disciples stopped in midair. Apparently, they came to watch the battle between Max and Edward.

"Hayden and Rena of the Han Clan are also here," whispered another one from the crowd.

A man and a woman galloped to the crowd from afar.

They then stopped in midair next to the platform.

Austin looked at the man and the woman quietly.

The man's white clothes were fluttering in wind, giving him an aura of a god. He was in his twenties and he had a pair of starry eyes. He stood in midair with a calm yet inscrutable expression.

The girl was around seventeen or eighteen years old. She was wearing a purple dress which gave her a noble temperament.

But when she smiled, she was a different person. With a pair of starry eyes and a small dimple on her left cheek, she looked so adorable and smart.

As time passed by, more and more young masters also arrived.

Edward and Max were the elites of the younger generation in the East Mainland.

No wonder the fight between them really attracted a lot of young masters' attention.

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