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   Chapter 1666 Spiritual Tower

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Austin walked through the gates. As he looked around, he found that the Myth City was a big, busy city hustling and bustling with activity.

After strolling around for half a day, he heard an interesting piece of news.

People began to discuss that the door of the Spiritual Tower was going to open. The tower was located within the Sacred Martial Kingdom of the East Mainland. It was said that the gates of the tower opened once every one hundred years.

Many young cultivators, especially the talented ones, were on their way to the Sacred Martial Kingdom to reach the Spiritual Tower.

'What's the Spiritual Tower?' Austin wondered.

He hadn't grown up in the East Mainland, so he knew nothing about the Spiritual Tower.

Austin inquired about the Spiritual Tower from the Flame Emperor.

"The Spiritual Tower is extremely famous in our East Mainland.

It lies in the Angel City of the Sacred Martial Kingdom. It is a purple, nine-story tower.

There are nine small worlds sealed inside it. Each floor has a small world.

Each small world is full of rare and precious items.

Above all, there is a special treasure called the spiritual crystal.

The spiritual crystal is of great value and help for spiritual sense cultivation. If a cultivator gets one, he can use it to enhance the strength of his spiritual sense multiple times.

These spiritual crystals only exist in the Spiritual Tower.

For most of the cultivators, it's difficult to cultivate spiritual sense. The only way to improve their spiritual sense is by reaching higher realms.

However, spiritual crystals can directly enhance spiritual sense. That's why they are an attractive and valuable treasure.

Each time the Spiritual Tower opens, lots of young cultivators, especially the talented ones, are attracted and reach it. They plan to explore the tower and look for spiritual crystals,"

the Flame Emperor explained in detail to Austin.

"A magic tower with nine small worlds? That's amazing!"

Austin remarked.

"Divine Continent is a bigger and more advanced place compared to the Prime Martial World.

There are many magic places, including sites of old sects, ancient relics, places for trials, ancient great masters' residences and many unknown places.

The martial arts and civilization found here can date back to

ur young men. They gave off a domineering aura. It looked like they despised the other young cultivators present in the crowd.

They were from the Ji Clan.

"Max, where is that Prince Edward? Did he get cold feet and flee from the Angel City?"

one of the four young cultivators from the Ji Clan said loudly.

"Ha-ha! You've got a good point.

Max is our Holy Heritor. Among the young generation of the East Mainland, I bet five such men would be able to match up to him.

That damn Edward was foolish to dare and accept the challenge. He is digging his own grave,"

another young man from the Ji Clan responded in a booming voice. There was pride evident in their voices.

The four young cultivators, who stood behind Max Ji, started laughing out loudly.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Suddenly, innumerable light dots rained down on the platform.

And a figure showed up in the sky. He quickly strode towards the area above the platform.

"Max, help!" shouted the four young men who had been standing behind Max Ji and boasting loudly a few moments ago.

The golden light dots enveloped the whole platform in an instant. They released overwhelming demonic energy, which made the entire platform shake violently.

The young cultivators who stood behind Max Ji were turned pale with extreme fear.

In an instant, each light dot turned into a golden feather.

The countless golden feathers shot towards Max Ji and the young men of the Ji Clan like sharp arrows. Max Ji and his companions were taken aback by this sudden attack.

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