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   Chapter 1665 Rapid Progress

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Austin gradually started to understand what was going on as he kept reading the information in his Soul Sea. He was able to comprehend everything now.

'When I get ahead to an important point in cultivating the Golden Sun Scripture, I will be able to create abnormal visions.

And the Three Blazing Suns is one of them, ' Austin realized.

"Boy, the Golden Sun Scripture is indeed a remarkable formula.

It helps you to create abnormal visions when you're cultivating it.

In our East Mainland, it is believed that only the ancient scriptures can create abnormal visions."

The Flame Emperor's voice suddenly sounded inside Austin's Soul Sea.

The Flame Emperor's soul had been in deep slumber in the Soul-nourishing Bead. According to him, staying there was good for his soul.

His soul spent most of its time in the Soul-nourishing Bead after it got hold of that bead.

"Do you mean to say that people can't create abnormal visions unless they learn the ancient scriptures?" Austin asked in surprise.

'Does it mean that Golden Sun Scripture is as valuable as an ancient scripture?' he wondered.

"Exactly. Boy, I figured out that the Golden Sun Scripture is an amazing formula. I guess, it can be on par with any ancient scripture,"

the Flame Emperor replied, as he tried to tell Austin about its powers.

Austin nodded his head in agreement.

Until now, Austin had acquired two ancient scriptures: the Infernal Scripture and the Flame Scripture.

He had already studied them carefully.

There were profound vital energy refining formulas in both of the two ancient scriptures. But Austin still insisted on cultivating the Golden Sun Scripture after some contemplation.

"Brat, abnormal visions appear because the martial skill one displays resonates with the universe.

Each abnormal vision contains terrifying amount of power.

You already saw the power of the Dark Scripture of the Ji Clan, right?

The cultivators, who learn the Dark Scripture, can create a large area of darkness,"

the Flame Emperor explained to Austin.

"I see,"

Austin responded with a nod.

'I saw the cultivators from the Ji Clan make a large area of darkness, on more than one occasion. So that was also an abnormal vision.'

Having learnt something more, Austin resumed his cultivation.

As the Fire Stela con

future of our sect. So, please proceed with caution when you're away.

The former headquarters of our sect is now our new stronghold.

I will set up some illusions in the desert to prevent other people from breaking in here."

Elder Brendan explained it all to Austin after pondering for a while.

Austin nodded.

"One more thing, Holy Heritor! This is a special Contact Jade Slip. Take it with you.

I've got one too. As long as the distance between us is within ten thousand miles, the Contact Jade Slip will send and receive signals.

Then, we will be able to locate each other.

The other two elders and I are planning to leave soon to recruit more disciples,"

Elder Brendan added as he gave the Contact Jade Slip to Austin.

Since Austin was the Holy Heritor of the Flame Holy Land, he had to care more about himself than he did earlier. After all, he would be the holy lord of their holy land one day.

Austin took the Contact Jade Slip.

Since the three elders insisted, he had to let them escort him to the red desert outside the former headquarters of the Flame Holy Land, The elders asked him to take care of himself, before they let him leave.

'Now that I've become the Holy Heritor of the Flame Holy Land, I can't do anything I want as before. I can't be impulsive and get into troubles. I need to take steps carefully, '

Austin thought, overwhelmed with their excessive concern and the responsibilities on his shoulders.

After leaving the desert, Austin reached a busy city nearby.

It was called the Myth City.

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