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   Chapter 1664 Three Blazing Suns

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"Elder Brendan, I got the Flame Scripture. Now I will send a copy of this scripture into your Soul Sea. You have to share it with them so they can learn it too,"

Austin said.

"What? This Flame Scripture is one of the most priceless treasures in our sect. Only core members and principal disciples are qualified and allowed to learn it."

Elder Brendan doubted Austin's words. He shook his head and thought about it deeply.

"Elder Brendan, our sect has gone very weak. If they can learn and practice the Flame Scripture from you, they would improve their strength quicker than the normal process. Imagine what it could do our people!

We only have over three hundred disciples left.

They play a very important role. The future and growth of our sect is in their hands.

I think they should all be our principal disciples.

Once our sect becomes as powerful as the other three holy lands, they will take much credit for that.

I really think they deserve to cultivate the Flame Scripture,"

Austin reasoned.

The three elders exchanged glances at one another.

'Common disciples have no access to the ancient scripture in a holy land.

Only those talented principal disciple are qualified to learn it.

But Austin has a good point.

Our sect is too weak. We don't have enough strong cultivators. It has made our sect defenseless and vulnerable to our enemies.

If we allow these disciples to cultivate the Flame Scripture, they will progress and advance in their skills for a shorter time.

Even though they were pursued by the people from other sects and clans, they chose to stay with us. Their actions proved their loyalty to our sect, ' the three elders weighed on their decision.

"I understand. If that is your order, I will follow it.

I will impart the Flame Scripture to them gradually.

What are you waiting for? You should thank our Holy Heritor for this,"

Elder Brendan said to the disciples.

"Thank you, Holy Heritor!" the disciples thanked Austin profusely with a smile on their faces.

Upon hearing this, they rejoiced and were clapping their hands with joy and gratefulness.

They considered ancient scripture to be a rare treasure. It had with it ancient fighting techniques and the most powerful martial skills.

Most cultivators didn't even stand a chance to go near it, not to mention practice it.

Only the principal disciples from the three holy lands and from the three prominent clans and outstanding killers in the Slaughtering Sect were privileged to learn them. It was an honor to learn the ancient scripture.

Cultivators who had the opportunity to learn the ancient scripture were far stronger than anyone of those who belonged to their level.

The disciples were so overwhelmed with gratefulness that they all bowed to Austin.

'Thanks to Austin, we will have access to such amazing scripture. We might get somewhere in martial arts after all,

ase in size.

The Fire Stela had just refined a tiny part of it.

Other people including the three elders were cultivating in the former headquarters of the Flame Holy Land.

Losing the base was a huge blow to them. They did not expect to get out of it alive.

Hence, they all dedicated themselves to cultivating for they were desperate to enhance themselves.

Austin directed all his energy working on the Golden Sun Scripture. He was anxious and determined to reach higher realms.

Another eight months passed quickly. Each one was busy cultivating and strengthening themselves.

One fine day, Austin who was engaged in his cultivation trembled lightly.

A violent, powerful vital energy burst out from his body. It was so strong that it shook the ground.

He had reached the preliminary stage of Bitter Sea Realm.

Austin was happy with his current cultivation.

'After more than a year's of pure hard work and dedication, I reached the preliminary stage of Bitter Sea Realm. All my efforts paid off, ' he thought, delighted with what he had accomplished.

'I made such a rapid progress, thanks to the natural vessel of dragon energy which provided the abundant, pure spiritual energy for me.'

As he basked in joy for his now advanced power and skills, he felt something was going on with his elixir field.

The three golden balls in his elixir field burst out from his body, at the same time.

They circled around Austin and were sending out blazing, golden lights.

The three golden balls hovered behind Austin, rising and falling in mid-air.

Austin's surroundings became bright and a golden light splashed all across the place. It was an elegant display of power and energy that couldn't be contained.

While Austin marveled at the sight, a piece of information appeared in his Soul Sea.

A few words appeared in golden letters:

Three Blazing Suns was an abnormal vision created by the Golden Sun Scripture.

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