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   Chapter 1663 Austin Became The Holy Heritor

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As soon as the light entered Austin's head, an ancient scripture appeared in his Soul Sea.

It was the Flame Scripture.

The Flame Scripture was one of the most important treasures of the Flame Holy Land.

Back then, the Flame Holy Land was one of the four holy lands. However, it was destroyed overnight one thousand five hundred years ago. Since then, the scripture had been missing. It was only now that it entered Austin's Soul Sea.

The carving and the Flame Scripture were priceless items to cultivators.

A cultivator's fighting skill didn't depend on martial arts alone.

There are actually two factors: his talent in martial arts and the martial skill formulas that he had learned.

So if two cultivators were both good in martial arts, the one who had cultivated the ancient scripture would be the stronger.

It was believed that ancient scriptures were the most powerful martial skills in the world.

The moment the Flame Scripture dashed into his Soul Sea, Austin emitted a bright light.

He was bathed in the light.

A layer of light was covering the surface of his body.

Austin looked like a deity.

As they watched what was happening, people around realized what was going on with him.

All their eyes were fixed on Austin in shock.

Even the three elders who were studying the carving opened their eyes instantly. They were also astonished upon seeing Austin bathing in light.

"Austin did it! He got the Flame Scripture," exclaimed Elder Brendan. He was so thrilled.

"This is great! Our ancient scripture is back," gushed the other two elders.

They were so elated that they almost burst into tears.

While everyone was basking in untold delight, something unexpected happened.

They became more surprised when the cliff began shaking.

Then a few seconds later, nine huge white shadows came out of it.

They were the nine natural vessels of dragon energy.

Austin who was still going through the scripture opened his eyes abruptly when he sensed the nine white dragon shadows. He fixed his gaze on them.

The nine white dragon shadows threw their heads back altogether and let out a loud growl. Even people miles away were able to hear them.

Under everyone's astonished gaze, the nine white dragon shadows rushed toward Austin simultaneously.

In the blink of an eye, they entered his body.

Austin felt a tremendous amount of spiritual energy inside him after the nine dragon shadows entered his body.

They contained so much spiritual power that Austin's body seemed not able to bear.


'What's going on? Why did I become the Holy Heritor? I'm not ready for this, ' brooded Austin.

'I'm not a remarkable genius in martial arts. If it weren't for the Fire Stela and the Omnipotent Pot, I would have been killed by the nine natural vessels of dragon energy. I was just lucky to survive. It even feels like I cheated.'

Austin still couldn't believe his fate.

"Austin, this is our holy lord's decision. We have no right to change it. You are now the boss," insisted Elder Brendan.

"To be honest with you, the two elders and I as well as the four stewards got our titles without the holy lord's permission. In short, we are just common outer disciples to our holy lord."

Elder Brendan already confided to Austin because he was now seeing him as his superior.

"But you are different. Our holy lord recognized you as our Holy Heritor.

From now on, you will be in charge of everything in our sect.

You are obliged to develop our sect."

Elder Brendan's voice was very serious.

He looked Austin in the eye.

Elder Leder, Elder Damian and the four stewards nodded in agreement.

'Seriously? Revive the Flame Holy Land?' thought Austin inwardly.

He felt like everything was so surreal.

'This will be a very challenging task for me. The Flame Holy Land is too weak right now. It will not be easy to get its place back in the East Mainland although it used to be on par with the other three holy lands.'

Austin contemplated for a while. 'But it seems like I don't have other choice now.'

"All right. Since you are all agreeable to the holy lord, I'll do it."

He finally made a decision to accept the new responsibility given to him by the holy lord.

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