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   Chapter 1662 The Carving

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"I was only a common outer disciple of the Flame Holy Land.

One day, I went out with several other outer disciples to improve ourselves through trials.

Before we finished our cultivation outside, we heard that something happened to our headquarters. Because of that, we came back hurriedly.

But when we arrived there, we found that our headquarters was gone.

Instead, an endless red desert replaced it.

We looked everywhere in the desert but we did not find our companions and superiors.

Later, one of our sect elders appeared right in front of us. He was badly injured and dying.

Before he died, he entrusted us with the ultimate magical treasure of our sect and asked us to rebuild our sect," Elder Brendan recalled.

He walked up to the dead bodies as he stared at them.

As he saw the rest of his companions, he looked lonely.

It was only then that Austin and Earth Hermit knew of the elder's true identity.

'It turns out that Elder Brendan was just a common outer disciple of the Flame Holy Land.

I bet Elder Leder and Elder Damian were those who went out for the trials with him, ' Austin and Earth Hermit thought.

The three of them continued moving. Elder Brendan took the lead, while Austin and Earth Hermit followed behind him.

Since Elder Brendan used to cultivate here as a disciple of the Flame Holy Land, he knew this place very well.

As they kept walking forward, they ran into countless corpses on the ground.

The corpses did not rot at all. It looked as if they were only asleep.

After passing through several mountains without taking a break, the three of them came to a scenic place.

The mist made of thick spiritual energy enveloped the entire area. There were falls, streams, and plenty of splendid palaces there. Both Austin and Earth Hermit were stunned and enthralled by the breath-taking scenery. They felt like they were in a wonderland.

"This is the center of our headquarters.

Only the senior members and principal disciples had access to this place,"

Elder Brendan said as he gestured to introduce the place.

After appreciating the view, he then led Austin and Earth Hermit to another location.

"This is the Sacred Cliff," Elder Brendan continued.

Austin and Earth Hermit glanced around. There were numerous rare flowe

ritual sense to perceive the elder and his box in the carving.

Time ticked by as all of them continued to explore.

Whether cultivators could master the ancient scripture depended on their spiritual soul power and their talent in martial arts.

It had nothing to do with their cultivation base.

Cultivators needed to spend a lot of time cultivating in order to improve themselves and reach higher realms.

The talent in martial arts could not be easily acquired even if they worked very hard.

For five consecutive days, Austin had been working on the carving really hard. Much to his disappointment, he didn't get anywhere.

Neither did the three elders, nor the stewards and other disciples.

"Come on guys, we can do this!

The chance of getting back the Flame Scripture solely depends on us.

We must hurry up! If the carving disappears, we might lose our ancient scripture forever,"

Elder Brendan encouraged them as they were about to lose hope.

Hearing what their elder said, the rest of them pulled themselves together and continued studying the carving.

On the tenth day, something happened to Austin.

A soft power came at him. He was a little taken aback from the sudden soft blow.

'What's happening?' Austin wondered.

He took a closer look at the carving to seek for answers. He was surprised when he saw the elder dressed like a Taoist in the picture flash him an amiable smile.

The cover was removed from the box. Suddenly, a beam of light came out of it and flew towards Austin's head.

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