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   Chapter 1661 The Real Headquarters Of The Flame Holy Land

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Earth Hermit, Elder Brendan, and Austin finally agreed to a plan after an impassioned discussion.

They each had a task to fulfill: Earth Hermit would track down the nine natural vessels of dragon energy. Elder Brendan would set up arrays to restrict these vessels. And, Austin would scour for an area where spatial force existed.

Earth Hermit inferred that the nine natural vessels of dragon energy had been guarding a special space with spatial force.

Austin took note of this and summoned the gnome to help him trace that space.

"Whoa! Is this the legendary ancient beast? The gnome?" Earth Hermit exclaimed. His eyes widened, gaping at Austin's companion.

Likewise, Elder Brendan stared at the gnome with sheer astonishment.

This was the first time that they met the gnome.

They quickly recovered from the shock, nonetheless, and began their work soon after with Austin.

Earth Hermit used his old compass as a reference while treading the area.

Meanwhile, Elder Brendan set up arrays in the desert.

Austin and the gnome activated their spatial powers to scan the desert for vibrations of the spatial force.

After two hours, the gnome's face lit up.

"I felt the spatial force! Over there!"

he said, dashing at the direction he pointed.

Austin's spirits lifted as well, and he followed the gnome to a dune.

"Yes. There it is. I can feel it!" the gnome said with conviction, pointing to the flat dune beside him.

Austin perceived and confirmed the spatial force coming from the dune.

Earth Hermit and Elder Brendan followed Austin and the gnome in an instant, using their bodily movement skills.

"Set up several arrays here to block the space. Hurry up or the nine natural vessels of dragon energy will take the special space with them!"

Earth Hermit shouted.

Elder Brendan quickly threw array flags around the dune. They disappeared into the void which meant they were successfully installed.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

Nine huge dragon shadows tried to escape from the dune near them and hovered in the sky.

Though it seemed that they wanted to fly away, they couldn't do so because the area was sealed by an invisible force.

So, the nine white dragon shadows, which were a thousand meters long, growled helplessly and struggled to flee.


th his realization.

His face was filled with tears.

He knelt down and pressed his hands against the ground, paying the deepest respect to the land he longed for.

Earth Hermit, Austin, and the gnome were taken aback by their discovery.

Suddenly, Earth Hermit screamed.

"There are so many corpses!"

He hurtled around. Austin and Elder Brendan followed him, their faces quickly shifting expression from excitement to disconcertment.

Soon, they saw a multitude of dead bodies, scattered around the place.

The bodies belonged to men, women, old, and young. They were all wearing ancient regalia.

But what shocked the group more was that the corpses didn't rot one bit. It looked as if they had just passed away for a day.

Austin and the gnome couldn't help wondering how the remains of these people

who had died long ago managed to preserve their bodies this way.

Earth Hermit took time to contemplate what they had just seen.

"Perhaps, a powerful array exists here that can freeze time.

That could be the reason why these corpses haven't rotten after such a long time," he surmised.

Austin was stopped in his tracks.

"Seriously? There is such a thing that can make time stand still?" he blurted.

"I know some of them," Elder Brendan said, his eyes swollen from crying.

"They were members of our Flame Holy Land."

He walked closer to the dead bodies.

"Hugh... Becky...," Elder Brendan murmured.

He got up to look for more acquaintances, as tears continued to rush down his face.

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