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   Chapter 1660 Nine-dragon Space-blocking Array

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The three elders from the Flame Holy Land expressed great gratitude towards Earth Hermit. Their eyes shone with sincerity.

'If it weren't for him, all our members would have lost their lives.

We owe him a lot.

Now that our base had been destroyed, these over three hundred disciples are our only hope, ' they mused.

Earth Hermit nodded at them and gestured to accept their thanks. After that, he then continued to scout the desert with his compass.

Austin was watching the Earth Hermit intently. He knew that the he had some discoveries.

"I heard that you were hurt. Are you all right?" Steward Nolan inquired worriedly as he turned to the three elders.

He quickly scanned their bodies for injuries.

Hearing this, the disciples swarmed towards the elders because they were also concerned about them.

The three elders were deadly pale as if they were sick. Their skin was so white, which made them look quite weak.

"We're good. Don't worry.

We just used too much vital energy to activate the ultimate magical treasure, but don't worry. We'll get better soon,"

Elder Brendan replied and assured them.

Upon hearing that, the rest of them felt much relieved.

The three elders were the core figures of the Flame Holy Land. If anything bad happened to them, there would be no hope to rebuild their sect.

Meanwhile, Earth Hermit continued to scan the dessert. "I found it!" he soon exclaimed in sheer delight.

He was far away from the members of the Flame Holy Land.

Surprised and curious about the sudden outburst, all the people rushed towards Earth Hermit who was standing on a sand dune.

The sand dune was quite high, which made it look like a hill.

"What was it, old man? What did you find?"

Austin asked as he stared at Earth Hermit, eyes full of great curiosity.

"I found a dragon shadow,"

Earth Hermit replied excitedly.


Hearing what he just said, the members of the Flame Holy Land were all shocked.

"Where is it?"

Austin asked with a hint of thrill in his voice.

"It's right beneath my feet. It is hiding in this dune,"

Earth Hermit delightedly answered as he fixed his gaze on the dune.


everyone asked almost at the same time, astonishment in their eyes.

'The dragon shadow is in this sand dune?'

They began to check the sand with the use of their spiritual senses.

Much to their disappointment, they didn't fi

k together to break this Nine-dragon Space-blocking Array. What do you say?"

Earth Hermit proposed to the elder.

"All right. I'm in! It was said that the Nine-dragon Space-blocking Array is used to lock down a space.

If there is indeed another space here, the legacy of our sect might be hidden there," Elder Brendan agreed.

He trembled in excitement at the thought that he might be able to get a hold of their ancient scripture.

With Elder Brendan's agreement, Earth Hermit rubbed his hands with an expectant look on his face. The greatest pleasure in his life was exploring geography and tombs.

Now that he knew that the legendary Nine-dragon Space-blocking Array was here, he would utilize this chance to study this powerful array.

"It is said that the Nine-dragon Space-blocking Array contains spatial force. It would be better if we seek help from a guy who is good at spatial power,"

Earth Hermit added.

The next second, both his and Elder Brendan's eyes lit up as an idea occurred to them. They turned to look at Austin simultaneously.

"We need your help, Austin,"

Earth Hermit and Elder Brendan said in chorus.

"No problem," Austin agreed with a nod.

He was also curious about that Nine-dragon Space-blocking Array.

"Everyone, you go find yourself a nearby place to have some rest. Don't disturb us for a while,"

Elder Brendan instructed the members of the Flame Holy Land.

Elder Leder and Elder Damian led their crew to a flat area nearby to rest.

Meanwhile, Austin, Earth Hermit, and Elder Brendan continued to talk about how they could break the array.

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