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   Chapter 1659 Dragon Shadows In The Moonlight

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7816

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The former headquarters of Flame Holy Land was now a famous and notable ruins.

According to legend, it used to be the headquarters of the Flame Holy Land during ancient times.

It was a place surrounded by beautiful mountains and abundant in spiritual energy. The landscape was breath-taking, making it a land genuinely blessed by the gods.

However, the glorious Flame Holy Land was destroyed overnight and turned into a vast, scorching desert.

It took Earth Hermit a dozen days to reach the blazing barren land.

When he did, he got all the members of the Flame Holy Land out of his old compass.

"Is this place where the old Flame Holy Land used to be located?"

Austin murmured, looking at the boundless desert.

The horizon extended like ocean waves––nothing could be seen at the end of those numerous sand dunes.

The area was arid, and no living thing could be spotted anywhere near. Only a bleak, silent air could be heard from the entire place.

'Is this place the original headquarters of the Flame Holy Land, which used to be one of the four holy lands in the East Mainland?'

Austin asked himself silently, shocked by what welcomed his sight.

'The other three holy lands still exist and are continuously flourishing in the East Mainland as top sects.

But there are only over three hundred members in the Flame Holy Land, and its base was even wiped out by others.

How could a notable sect end up like this?

This is just so sad, ' Austin sighed inwardly.

"It's dragon shadows!" Earth Hermit exclaimed, looking up at the sky in the distance.

His eyes suddenly lit up in utter delight.

The curious members of the Flame Holy Land traced the direction of his gaze, and shadows of a white dragon came into their view.

They flew into the starry sky from the horizon, dancing freely as they flapped their gigantic wings.

"There is more than one dragon shadow!"

Earth Hermit exclaimed in thrill.

He was right––white dragon shadows soared into the sky from different directions and danced.

"Oh, jeez! The legend is true!"

Everyone stared at the dragon shadows, completely speechless.

"What's that?"

Austin, who also gazed at the shadows, asked curiously.

Since he wasn't a native of the East Mainland, there were many things he didn't know about this place.

"There is

heir tracks.

As they searched for the source of that sound, they saw three figures stumbling towards them.

"It's the three elders!" someone suddenly gushed.

Four stewards and disciples from the Flame Holy Land came dashing at them with untold excitement and joy written all over their faces.

"There you are!"

the three elders exclaimed in chorus.

They glanced at the disciples, with thrill and glee visible in their eyes.

"Good! That's good. I'm glad that you made it out alive,"

Elder Brendan said in a trembling voice, almost crying in sheer joy, knowing that his comrades were safe and sound.

The three elders caught sight of Earth Hermit, who was murmuring with a brooding expression while holding the compass in his hands.

His mere presence and the fact that he was with their disciples caught the three elders by great surprise.

"Why are you here, Earth Hermit?" Elder Brenden asked, gaping at the old man.

"Well, about that... Earth Hermit helped us flee from that place,"

Steward Nolan explained abruptly, sensing the building tension.

"What? Earth Hermit saved you?"

Steward Nolan's explanation left the three elders more confused.

But as soon as their eyes fell on Austin, they finally understood why Earth Hermit would have come to their crew's aid.

They knew he had rescued their folks for Austin's sake.

Words on the ground were that Earth Hermit and Austin worked together to take Purple Immortal's coffin, so the young man was probably the only reason why the former helped their men out.

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