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   Chapter 1658 The Flame Holy Land's Former Headquarters

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"Perhaps Earth Hermit came to a breakthrough with the help of the Purple Immortal's treasures he got.

We can only imagine the number of amazing treasures in it," the elder in gray said.

These people knew that Earth Hermit and Austin had taken the Purple Immortal's coffin with them.

"You have a point," another elder butted in.

"His breakthrough must've something to do with the Purple Immortal's treasures.

We can't afford to waste time making assumptions here. Let's go now and find them!"

He then turned to a light dot and flew towards the compass's direction.

The other elders followed suit.

A day later, news about several top sects destroying the Flame Holy Land spread like wildfire in the East Mainland.

People were shocked to hear such explosive news, especially since all cultivators knew that the Flame Holy Land was being rebuilt.

However, they didn't know where the Flame Holy Land was. Its core members had kept a low profile in the past decades, rebuilding the sect in secret.

That was why hearing about the Flame Holy Land getting wiped out came as a tremendous shock. How on earth did the assailants track its address?

More news had kept coming.

People heard that the three ultimate magical treasures appeared during the battle between Flame Holy Land and other sects.

Amidst the intense battle, the three remarkable magical treasures turned the battlefield into ruins.

As soon as this news broke out, throngs of cultivators went running to the battlefield. They were both curious and anxious about knowing first-hand the power of these magic treasures.

The ultimate magical treasure was the most powerful magic treasure in all of the Divine Continent.

Common cultivators had no chance to see it for themselves.

Their hopes were crushed, however, when they reached the battlefield, which used to be a series of mountains with endless forests.

The ground looked charred due to the ashes that were scattered all over it.

The place was barely recognizable.

Worse, the atmosphere was damp and dark o

be a long and dangerous trip. But we have to do this. We need to meet Elder Brendan and the two other elders there,"

Steward Nolan responded, firm and confident in his decision.

"Old man, you've already helped us once. How about you help us get to our former headquarters?"

Austin interjected.

'He is hella good. Should he agree to escort us, our safety is guaranteed, ' he thought.

"Alright. I'll take you there for your sake. You're kind of growing on me anyway.

Besides, I hate what they did to you. They have no right to get in the way of you rebuilding your sect.

They're after the ultimate magical treasure and the Flame Scripture, but they absolutely went overboard,"

Earth Hermit said.

The four stewards and disciples from the Flame Holy Land couldn't feel more excited.

'This is amazing. A well-respected and powerful master has recognized our sect, ' they thought.

"Thank you, old man,"

Austin said, sincerity evident in his eyes.

"Tsk. Cut the crap. Let's get going,"

Earth Hermit said back.

He took out his old compass and sent the members of the Flame Holy Land, including Austin, inside it.

Then, he headed for the Flame Holy Land's former headquarters.

With his strength and caliber, no one could get in his way.

No one was a match for him, except those several top cultivators, in the entire East Mainland.

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