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   Chapter 1657 Earth Hermit Showing Up Again

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"Enough games, Austin! You've reached the end of the road.

Now, I'll kill you slowly to make sure you suffer,"

the elder in black from the Ji Clan spat, glaring at Austin.

The elder waved his hand and it felt like an invisible rope was constricting around Austin. He dug his heels into the ground as the elder began reeling Austin towards him, but it was no use. Within seconds, he would be in the elder's grasp.

When he was inches from the elder, Austin panicked and directed the Spiritual Pot towards the elder's head in an attempt to attack his spiritual soul. The elder's eyes widened.


How have you mastered such a mysterious spiritual sense attack? I've never seen anything like this!

It looks like you hold many secrets. I will have to find out what they are later," the elder in black said, studying Austin.

An evil smile played on the elder's lips. With ease, he sent a powerful spiritual sense from his head and the Spiritual Pot flew back towards Austin.

The pot approached Austin's soul and a sharp pain radiated through his head. He groaned and nearly fell to his knees.

He closed his eyes and focused on the spiritual tree. Moments later, the pot was kicked out from his Soul Sea and he was left unscathed.

Austin wasn't shocked to see the horror on the elder's face. That spiritual sense attack had been at least ten times more powerful than his own spiritual sense and he was able to defeat it. The spiritual tree took all the credit for that.

The elder gnashed his teeth and began pulling Austin towards him at a faster pace. Austin's mind was racing to find an escape but he couldn't see a way. Suddenly, there was a popping sound and a thin, old man appeared beside him.

"Sorry but you're not going to have a chance to discover this brat's secrets," the old man said, grinning at the elder in black.

He stepped into the space between Austin and the elder in black.

Gradually, the space around Austin went back to normal.

His feet fell flat on the ground again and he stopped being pulled towards the elder.

"It's you, old man!" Austin beamed.

He had never been so glad to see Earth Hermit before. Now that he was here, and the elder could not touch Austin.

"Yeah. Let's go," Earth Hermit replied with a smile.

The situation had turned to one of mortal peril to hope. The world felt wide again, like Austin was invincible.

'This is perfect. I'm safe now. Even just a couple seconds later and I would have been dead, ' Austin thought, clapping his hands together once in celebration.

"Who are you?

You want to save this brat? Good luck with that. You'll have to defeat me first," the elder in black taunted.

He raised an eyebrow at Earth Hermit and stepped backwards, preparing himself for battle.

"That's giving yourself

f a sudden, a fishing pole had materialized in the elder's right hand. It was one of his magic treasures.

He put the fishing pole over his shoulder and cast it forward.

Grey fishing line began to spool out and on the end of it, there was a giant hook.

The fishing line seemed to go on forever.

He squeezed the fishing pole tightly and scrunched his face, hoping that he would catch the old compass.

Moments later, a crisp sound of metal hitting metal rang out. A smile formed on the elder's face.

As he reeled the fishing line back in, the old compass came into view. The other elders cheered and waited anxiously for it to reach them.

"Looks like your Space Compass is not that powerful, Earth Hermit," the elder in grey muttered with a smug smile.

He jerked the pole towards him and eagerly reached out for the old compass.

To his horror, the Space Compass began glowing.

Power shot out of it.

The hook sprung off of the compass and flew at the elder in grey. He ducked just in time.

"This can't be happening! It's all an illusion!"

the elder in grey exclaimed while running backwards to take cover.


The compass had disappeared once again. The elder in grey looked at the empty space and stammered.

"What's going on?

Why didn't you stop Earth Hermit?"

The other elders approached the elder in grey. He placed his face in his hands and sighed.

"Earth Hermit made a breakthrough.

Now his cultivation base is a realm higher than mine,"

the elder in grey answered.

"What? That old bastard reached a higher realm?

This isn't fair! Now he is stronger than all of us,"

an elder who constantly gave off a purple light added.

"Fuck! I have been stuck in this realm for nearly a thousand years.

Now this old man is one step ahead of me,"

an elder enveloped in dark light cursed, looking sullen.

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