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   Chapter 1656 Blocking The Space

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All the members of the Flame Holy Land moved as quickly as their bodily movement skills allowed. They were making a desperate bid to leave the mountains.

Thanks to the three elders of the Flame Holy Land, who had used the ultimate magical treasure to clear the path for them, they could get out of the area. The place where the village used to exist was all in ruins now.

However, they were still not safe. A multitude of people from the other sects and clans were chasing them.

Some of the top masters, who were following them, moved so quickly that they were gaining on their target.

A golden-haired man was the fastest one. He was able to catch up with the members from the Flame Holy Land quickly. As he got closer, he let out a defiant laugh.

"You're just a bunch of weaklings. Do you think you can get away?" he shouted in an arrogant voice.

He was a strong cultivator from the Vasteras Holy Land. With golden hair, he was about thirty-five years old and emitted a bright light. He gave off an intimidating, powerful vibe.

"You're all dead men now!"

he shouted with a malicious expression on his face.

The next moment, the whole space behind him was filled with golden light.

Countless shadows of Buddha sitting cross-legged were chanting ancient scriptures behind him.

Their voices were deafening.

The golden-haired man could create such an abnormal vision because he had a good understanding of the Amitayus Scripture. It was an ancient scripture owned by the Vasteras Holy Land.

It was said that people could create abnormal visions when they mastered an ancient scripture.

Those who were able to create such abnormal visions possessed great power.

Hardly a few moments passed.

A Buddha palm which dazzled brightly behind the golden-haired man hit the members of the Flame Holy Land who were on the run.

The palm was moving at an abnormally high velocity.

In a flash, it crushed dozens of disciples from the Flame Holy Land to powder.

Among the disciples who died, some were at the Emperor Realm, while some were Bitter Sea Realm cultivators; some had even reached the Divine Bridge Realm. Despite that, none of them were able to survive such a massive blow.


I will see how powerful your Amitayus Scripture is,"

Steward Nolan from the Flame Holy Land said as he dashed towards the golden-haired man.

Steward Nolan was leading the way, but upon seeing the golden-haired man attack his disciples, he turned around and planned to

ing their best martial skills to fight each other. They didn't want to leave any chance.


A crowd of people swarmed towards the disciples from the Flame Holy land and surrounded them. There were nearly one thousand disciples of the Flame Holy Land. The two sides also got engaged in a fierce fight.

The morale of the disciples of the Flame Holy Land was high and they weren't afraid to die. They pulled out all stops to annihilate their enemies.

However, they were outnumbered and outweighed. They were at a disadvantage.

In the blink of an eye, a few hundred disciples of the Flame Holy Land lost their lives. Everything was happening very fast.

"Austin, you're doomed this time.

You murdered so many of our men. It's time for you to pay for that,"

an elder in black said coldly as he reached close to Austin in a flash.

'This elder is too good. I guess I'm no match for him.

Damn it! I need to use the Space Teleportation to get rid of him, '

Austin thought over and decided.

He started activating his spatial force. He was attempting to hide in another dimension.

"Young man, I know you're good at spatial force.

So, I'm going to lock down this area. I'd like to see how you're going to use the Space Teleportation," the elder in black from the Ji Clan snorted.

He quickly stretched out his hand and clenched his fist.

With that, Austin felt the space where he stood shook slightly.

'He really did it! The elder is terribly good. In a split second, he blocked the whole space, ' Austin became thoughtful.

But now the problem was that Austin couldn't utilize his spatial force and disappear into the void.

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