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   Chapter 1655 The Power Of The Ultimate Magical Treasure

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The small nine-story tower soared into the sky. Then the three elders of the Flame Holy Land followed it.

For a split second, the three elders infused their vital energy into the tower.

The vital energy that they'd released was like a river that flowed into it.

A few moments later, an earsplitting sound echoed throughout the sky.

An overwhelming power surrounded the whole space. It seemed like no one could resist it.

Many people felt the effect of the power on them. They all hobbled as they felt their legs suddenly became numb and weak.

They suddenly had the feeling that a strong force was pushing them to kneel down before the tower. They tried to resist but surprisingly, everything seemed to be out of their control. They were like devout believers, eager to worship their deity.

It was the power of the ultimate magical treasure.

"What?! This can't be!" exclaimed a tall white-haired elder. He was at the east side of the sky.

"The three old bastards were strong enough to activate the ultimate magical treasure."

The man was from the Rudimentary Holy Land.

The strong masters from other sects and clans also showed sheer apprehension on their faces.

They were all aware that the ultimate magical treasure was way too powerful for human cultivators.

"Yes, you're seeing it right. Now, will you still dare to steal our ancient scripture and sacred magic treasure? You better think twice about it first," snarled Elder Brendan sternly.

The moment he finished talking, the tower emitted a scorching red light.

It filled the whole space, dyeing everything in red.

The picture was tremendously terrifying.

Everyone trembled in fear as they couldn't see any other colors than red. They felt like they were in the sea of blood.

"Run!" shouted one of the great masters.

He immediately sensed danger upon witnessing what happened.

However, it was already too late. In the wink of an eye, the space became lifeless.

People from different sects and clans exploded and died on the spot.

It was such a horrifying scene to watch. Suddenly, it rained blood and bones as the sky was still red.

'Is this the real power of the ultimate magical treasure?' wondered Austin inwardly.

He was watching the scene and he also couldn't

reated some cracks in the space.

Needless to say, the old seal was also an ultimate magical treasure.

Actually, the leaders of the holy lands and prominent clans entrusted their ultimate magical treasures to the top masters who were on a mission to destroy the Flame Holy Land so they could use them in emergency situations like this.

"Oh, man! I can't believe I am seeing three ultimate magical treasures with my eyes," screamed someone in utter shock.

"Everyone, get out of here!" shouted the white-haired elder from the Rudimentary Holy Land.

"Go and hunt down those members of the Flame Holy Land."

The old man commanded all the people from other sects and clans.

"This is going to be a war among ultimate magical treasures. You have nothing to do here," he added.

The white-haired elder was the one who summoned the old seal.

Apparently, the seal was an ultimate magical treasure of the Rudimentary Holy Land.

They had been keeping this ultimate magical treasure in their sect since ancient times.

"Let's get going," shouted one cultivator. "If we continue to stay here, we will die at the hands of these ultimate magical treasures."

"Exactly!" agreed another one. "We need to get out of here as soon as possible!"

The people from the other sects and clans started to retreat.

"Let's go and kill all the members of the Flame Holy Land. They are dead meat!" added another cultivator.

"Come on, let's go!"

They quickly headed northwest to pursue the people of the Flame Holy Land.

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