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   Chapter 1654 Besiege

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"You must have been looking for our base with plans to destroy our sect," Elder Brendan said, his gaze sweeping through his enemies.

Anger could be seen raging in his eyes.

The tall, white-haired elder on the west side of the sky, suddenly burst into laughter.

"You're thinking too much, Mad Old Man.

We already know where your sect is.

Will, go and greet the Mad Old Man," he remarked sarcastically.

"Got it!"

A male voice resounded. Then a young man who wore blue clothes walked out of the team that was behind the white-haired elder.

"It's you! Will Fang!"

Elder Brendan squinted his eyes on seeing him. Instantly, he understood how these people found them.

"Look, it's Will. What's all this?"

"Yes, he is Will. Did he betray our sect?"

Discussions broke out among the disciples standing behind Elder Brendan.

"I see. He must have disclosed about us and told these people where we are!"

Austin said, his eyes fixed firmly on the guy named Will.

"Why did you do this, Will? We had always been good to you," Elder Brendan said through his gritted teeth.

The fact that an excellent disciple whom he trusted had double-crossed him, infuriated him.

The white-haired elder laughed wildly at Elder Brendan's words.

"Well, let me share a secret with you. Will is one of our principal disciples.

We needed information about you all, so we sent him to infiltrate your sect and to collect information.

I had planned to take action after he learned your Flame Scriptures.

Unexpectedly, things changed. We decided to take steps ahead of schedule because of Purple Immortal's treasures.

Your disciple Austin gets the credit for this. If it weren't for him, we wouldn't have acted in advance," he spoke about his intentions.

'I see!'

One by one, all the members of the Flame Holy Land understood what was going on. 'So, Will is from the Rudimentary Holy Land. He is a spy.

These people already knew the location of our sect.'

"What? You already know that Austin is our disciple?"

Elder Brendan's face darkened.


When I had a look at Austin's portrait, I knew he was from your sect.

After all, he and I a

pon and scripture? There's no way I will let it happen as long as I am alive," he announced in a decisive tone with a determined look on his face.

"We made him an offer, but he turned it down. No need to waste time on him now. Kill all of them.

Austin has slain so many of our clan members. Let us take care of him,"

snorted a man, who emitted a bright light.

The white-haired elder on the west side of the sky laughed loudly.

"Come on man! You've got to be kidding. Austin has got the Purple Immortal's most valuable treasures. We can't let you take him. Let's dispose these people first.

Then we will discuss how to divide the treasures Austin has got from the Purple Immortal's coffin," he retorted.

"When they make a move, the other two elders and I will stop them. You must try your best to get out of here.

Once you manage to make it out of here, find a safe place to hide and don't show up,"

Elder Brendan said to all the disciples through his spiritual sense.


Elder Brendan stretched out his hand, and a small scarlet nine-storey tower materialized over his palm.

The tower released large amount of terrifying power.

Time stood still for a moment.

Everyone present there, stared at the tower, and trepidation rose in their hearts.

"Be careful!

It's the ultimate magical treasure. Back off everyone!"

A snarl full of fear cut through the air sending chills down the spine of all of them.

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