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   Chapter 1653 Base Is At Stake

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"I have something to tell you guys," Will said quietly.

"I, in fact, am a disciple from the Rudimentary Holy Land.

I infiltrated your sect to primarily collect information.

The sects are hell-bent on destroying your sect, and they are on their way,"

he went on with a smug.


What are you saying? You're an undercover agent working against us?

Then why did you bring us here? What do you want?"

The other disciples from the Flame Holy Land looked shocked as they stepped back to stay away from Will. With this revelation, they couldn't help but be afraid.

"Don't worry," Will replied calmly.

"In fact, I have started to see all of you as my best friends.

And because of that, I'd like suggest something to all of you," he continued, his eyes sparkling.

"Join our sect. Judging by your talents and strengths, you will be provided with a specialized training and you will get abundant cultivation resources.

I know that all of you are smart, and I know that you know what's best for you,"

he finished.

Elder Cary gazed at the disciples of the Flame Holy Land, waiting for them to make a choice.

"Will Fang," one of the Flame Holy Land disciples shouted. "You're a spy! Elder Brendan treated you so well, but you still betrayed us!

He will not spare you!" His words rang throughout the area.

Without wasting any time, he dashed towards the entrance of the hall at full speed.

"Do you think you can run away from us? You're too naive."

A cold snort resounded in the hall. A middle-aged man appeared out of nowhere and stood in front of the disciple who tried to flee.

"Go to hell!"

The middle-aged man hit the disciple in the head and smashed his brain in.

The remaining disciples were so terrified that their faces turned pale in an instant.

'This middle-aged man is scary good. His cultivation base is much higher than ours. We don't stand a chance against him even if we attack him together, ' they analyzed.

And with that, they finally agreed to join the Rudimentary Holy Land because they didn't want to die.

"That's great to hear. You've made the wise decision," Elder Cary said to the disciples

, and over a thousand people were behind them.

"Why did you break into our base and kill innocent people for no reason? What do you want?" Elder Brendan shouted, his tone fierce and his face livid.

Looking at the debris and dead bodies, he was overwhelmed with sadness and anger.


Don't play dumb, Mad Old Man. You know why we are here," a tall, white-haired elder said as he took a step forward.

"Give us your ultimate magical treasure and Flame Scripture. Also, turn Austin in.

If you don't cooperate, we will slaughter your disciples next!"

He was on the west side of the sky.

"Mad Old Man, Flame Holy Land was destroyed a thousand and five hundred years ago.

There are only three holy lands in the East Mainland.

I don't get it. Why can't you just live with it? Do you think you can rebuilt the Flame Holy Land on your own?

I'm telling you now that that's not gonna happen," an elder in indigo said next.

He was floating on the east side of the sky. The light he emitted blinded the people looking at him, making it hard for them to see his face clearly.

The great masters on the south side of the sky and the north side of the sky stepped forward as well.

Looking at these top masters, Elder Brendan furrowed his eyebrows.

'It will be difficult to get rid of them.

These people are from the three holy lands, the three prominent clans and some top sects from the East Mainland, ' he analyzed.

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