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   Chapter 1652 Face To Face With Will Again

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With his spiritual sense, Steward Nolan detected Austin's arrival at the base.

"How about we summon Austin to ask him about the Purple Immortal's coffin?" Steward Nolan asked Elder Brendan through his spiritual sense.

Elder Brendan didn't respond immediately. He contemplated the matter. As usual, he didn't decide on impulse.

"No. For now, don't do anything.

Let's play everything by ear," he said.

Austin was heading straight home—at a dwelling on a hill.

Moments later, he suddenly stopped in his tracks.

He learned Will was there through his spiritual sense force.

Austin instantly went berserk. It happened again.

'What an ass. Will must've come back again and again to bug Caroline while I was away, ' he thought.

Will had a growing list of sins to Austin, and the latter was persistently taking notes. Austin remembered when he followed the other members of the Flame Holy Land to go treasure-hunting at the Purple Immortal tomb, Will and his companion kicked him out.

A man like Will would stop at nothing to get what he wanted, and Austin very well knew that.

Rage boiled inside him and he couldn't help it. His eyes appeared red and his body tensed.

With one step forward, Austin vanished into thin air.

On the hill, meanwhile, a man was standing in front of a hovel.

"Caroline, can't you give me a chance? You deserve someone better. I'm way better. I will fill your present and future with nothing but happiness. Please believe me, Caroline,"

he said with all sincerity in his heart.

"Will, please. I've told you I'm in love with someone else.

You've seen him already.

You really shouldn't come here again," Caroline said, indifferent to Will but passionate for the man that owned her heart.

Will came by the hut every day despite Caroline's polite pleas for him to leave. Dealing with his annoying persistence had driven her crazy.

Though she wanted to throw him out with force every time he came, she couldn't. Her skills were useless compared to his, being at the Divine Bridge Realm.

"Caroline, don't be blinded by love. Austin isn't good enough for you.

Must you lower yourself like this just to be with him?

I can't stand seeing you doing that to yourself,"

Will lamented.

"You're wrong, Will.

No one's better for me than him,"

Caroline retorted.

"But Caroline," Will insisted.

"He played you..."

He was about to say something back when, out of the blue, he raised his eyebrows and he looked left and right.

Will sensed the impending danger in his midst.

Upon realizing this, he quickly dodged on his side.


Austin lunged at the spot where Will had stood with his white sword at the aim.


in ages, so this was a moment they both looked forward to.

The next day, Will and several Flame Holy Land disciples left the base.

Since Will was a talented principal disciple, he led them to their destination.

He was regarded with a higher level of respect among the other disciples. Often, he went out on secret missions and cultivation sessions to further improve his strength.

For this trip, it took them a day to get out of the wilderness, where the base was located.

At last, they reached their destination:

a town.

"I'm going to meet a friend. I'll introduce you guys to him,"

Will said.

"A friend?"

The other disciples were collectively shocked to hear what Will just said

because disciples of the Flame Holy Land wouldn't reveal to other people the sect they were from.

When running errands or doing tasks, they always kept a low profile to avoid exposing their true identities.

'Hmm, when did Will make friends outside the base?'

the disciples asked in their minds.

Will was one of the most talented disciples in the entire Flame Holy Land. He had earned the respect of his seniors.

Hence, suspicious as these disciples were, they didn't have misgivings that something could be wrong.

Minutes later, Will led his companions to a residence.

A servant wearing indigo clothes came out of the house to welcome and usher them inside.

As they stepped into the hall, they saw a thin elder.

Will immediately addressed him, the excitement palpable in his voice.

"Elder Cary, Austin is back at the base.

The three elders in charge are also there.

We can now take action and destroy them," he said.

"Huh? What are you talking about, Will?" shouted the other disciples from the Flame Holy Land.

They had no idea what Will had gotten into.

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