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   Chapter 1651 Leaving The Purple Moon Mansion

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Using Space Teleportation, Austin moved more than five thousand meters. Then, he used his own bodily movement skill, and left for the Purple Moon Mansion.

At present, Austin's bodily movement skill a combination of the Invisibility Skill, the Space Teleportation, and the Dragon Lightness, which could help him hide his whereabouts perfectly.

In other words, Austin could appear and disappear any time, like a ghost.

Only the highly talented and skilled ones with extraordinary spiritual sense could capture Austin's spiritual soul aura and trace him.

Moments later, Austin was nearly six or seven kilometers away from the Purple Moon Mansion.

Austin was in mid-air. He adjusted his stance slightly, then he went back to the Purple Moon Mansion again.

The moment he entered it, he realized that the whole Purple Moon Mansion was completely in chaos.

In the mansion, a lot of young cultivators were shouting, as they searched for Austin's whereabouts.

And some of them even flew out of the Purple Moon Mansion to find Austin.

Fortunately, Austin had been using the Invisibility Skill to integrate into the space there and remain invisible. He quietly observed all that was happening.

"Ha ha! This time, things will surely stir the whole East Mainland!"

Austin murmured happily.

However, Austin knew that after the news got out, many martial artists in the East Mainland would be streaming into the region to track down his whereabouts.

He knew that some of the best among them might come out in person to track him down.

After all, Austin was the person that the martial artists in the East Mainland were desperately looking for now.

"Well, it looks like I need to get out of here as soon as I can!"

Austin knew that once the real great masters arrived looking for him, it would be extremely difficult to hide.

These great masters were terrifying as they possessed huge amount of strength and spiritual sense. Therefore, it would not be difficult for them to find Austin.

Weighing down all his options, Austin planned to use his bodily movement skill to leave the place.

But suddenly his demeanor changed.

There was a happy smile that spread on his face.

The change happe

s of enlightening crystals to anyone who would kill Austin.

Such a generous reward made many martial artists in the East Mainland feel excited.

As Austin had taken the Purple Immortal's coffin, he became the focus of the whole East Mainland once again.

A dozen days passed.

Austin finally returned to the village outside the base.

In all these days, Austin had carefully hid his whereabouts and quietly returned here.

On the way, he disguised himself and repeatedly made use of the small teleportation array.

Luckily, if people wanted to use the small teleportation array in the East Mainland, they just needed to pay. And the identity check there was not quite strict.

The village was guarded by the men of the base. They sent Austin to the base as soon as they found him.

Returning to the base, Austin was finally relieved after spending nearly a dozen days in stress and tension.

Elder Brendan was in a palace

situated on one of the high peaks of the base.


The little boy finally came back!"

There was a smile on Elder Brendan's face which showed how surprised he was.

Not just Elder Brendan, but all the senior leaders who were at the base quickly sensed Austin's appearance.

Austin was so famous in the East Mainland that almost everyone there knew him.

So, there was no way that the senior leaders of the Flame Holy Land would not pay attention to him. His acts had made him the center of attraction for most of the people.

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