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   Chapter 1650 Stir Up Trouble

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After Austin crushed Marcus with a single blow, there was a dead silence. The young cultivators couldn't believe what they saw.

An outstanding member of the Ji Clan lost his life before their very eyes.

What made it more shocking was he died in the hands of a cultivator who had just reached the preliminary stage of Emperor Realm.

It was all unbelievable.

A few moments later, the young cultivators were back to their senses. All of a sudden, the whole Purple Moon Mansion filled with murmurings and exclamations.

"This is not good. Marcus was killed just like that?" exclaimed a young cultivator alertly.

The young cultivators couldn't get over from what happened.

They were still in shock on Marcus' death.

This was an important event in the history. An elite from a prominent clan was beaten to death by someone who had a low cultivation base.

Furthermore, the Purple Moon Mansion was owned by the Ji Clan. How would the authorities of the clan deal with this incident?

Since someone died during the fight, it was no longer a duel but a willful murder.

"God damn you!" cursed Paul.

He was boiling with anger.

All young cultivators of the Ji Clan dashed forward and surrounded Austin. They glowered at him as their eyes fumed in rage.

"Kill him!" All of them shouted in unison.

The members of the Ji Clan were known to be arrogant. They considered themselves superior to others so no one would be allowed to bully any of them.

What happened a while ago was worse than bullying. One of their elite members was killed. None of them was willing to let go of the culprit.


Dozens of young men from the Ji Clan charged at Austin.

Purple Moon Mansion was owned by the Ji Clan. They were also the ones who organized this feast. Needless to say, the most number of people present here was their members.

Austin didn't show any signs of panic. He just took a step backward and then disappeared.

He had already anticipated this situation even before he decided to kill Marcus so he was prepared.

'Humph! I'll teach all the members of the Ji Clan a lesson, ' thought Austin.

He was now invisible so he could watch all the people's move freely. He stared at the cultivators who were coming after him. He intended to kill them all.

Austin knew that the Ji Clan hated him for saving Peacock Princess. They had even sent people to pursue him in Dawning Kingdom.

As a matter of fact, one of the reasons why the Ji Clan organized this feast was to gather more excellent cultivators to help them chase after Austin.

And now that Austin put down Marcus, it was even more impossible for the people of Ji Clan to let him go.

Austin took Marcus' life, so they would also take Austin's life in return.

However, Austin wouldn't bow to them too. He would fight as long as he could.

"What's going on? Where did that brat go?" exclaimed one of the young cu

through all the corners of the Purple Moon Mansion.

Those cultivators who hadn't entered the Bitter Sea Realm tried their best to move even slowly to escape.

However, before they could run away, the fire engulfed them and turned them into ashes.

Austin waved his hand and a painting turned up.

It opened in the wind and ten mountains got out from it with a loud sound.

Each mountain released an enormous power and came to Austin's enemies.

Once again, many young cultivators who hadn't reached the Bitter Sea Realm lost their lives.

Their power was nothing compared to Austin's.

On the other hand, the young cultivators of the Divine Bridge Real were able to handle the mountains effortlessly. None of them got hurt.

"How dare you create trouble here!"

A stern voice resounded out of the blue.

Then a huge finger that emitted a purple light was seen in a distance. It suddenly flew towards the bronze furnace above Austin's head.


The finger hit the bronze furnace, causing it to move aside.

The sky above Austin shook incessantly.

Austin was taken aback. 'The real master is making a move.'

A dozen twinkling stars appeared in the sky. They were as heavy as falling stones. When Austin tried to move a bit, he felt that the ground where he was standing shook slightly.

The stars came to Austin altogether.

'It's time to run away, ' thought Austin.

It was only then that Austin realized he had slain a lot of cultivators whose cultivation base was below the Bitter Sea Realm.

There were still many young powerful cultivators left;

particularly those Holy Sons and Holy Daughters.

Austin was fully aware that he was no match for them.

So, he recalled the bronze furnace and the scroll.

After which, he used the Space Teleportation to disappear into the void.

This time, no one could discern him in the Purple Moon Mansion even with the use of spiritual sense force.

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