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   Chapter 1649 Slaying Marcus

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The young cultivators gaped as they saw Dick lying dead on the ground.

'That's amazing! It's unbelievable that a brat who has just entered the preliminary stage of Emperor Realm is able to beat a talented disciple of the Sacred Sea Palace to a pulp.'

"Which sect is this guy from? How does he possess such terrifying physical strength?

He can defeat a Bitter Sea Realm cultivator by merely his physical strength!"

someone in the crowd exclaimed in sheer astonishment.

"You!" Paul was so mad at Austin that he couldn't utter another word.

'This brat didn't take my words seriously.

I asked him to stop, but he acted as if he didn't hear me, ' he thought furiously.

"Who the heck are you? No one is allowed to take anyone's life in the Purple Moon Mansion. Didn't you hear what I said?"

Paul shouted at Austin sternly.

"Who the hell are you? Why would I listen to you?

Do you think you're superior to others only because you're from the Ji Clan?"

Austin snapped at Paul with a defiant sneer, placing his hands behind his back.

"You son of a bitch! How dare you stir up trouble in our place?

This is a party for excellent young cultivators in the East Mainland. Which sect are you from? What do you want?" Marcus chimed in, drawing closer to Austin.

While he spoke, he released invisible vital energy to hit Austin.

Marcus had already reached the preliminary stage of Divine Bridge Realm.

Austin looked up at the sky and started to laugh out aloud.

"I'm impressed.

Everyone here had heard what Dick said. He said he gave me a chance to challenge him.

This is between Dick and me. Does it have anything to do with you people from the Ji Clan?" he retorted sharply.

As he had problems with Paul and Marcus, it was clear that he wouldn't be nice to them.

"If that's just a challenge, you should have shown him some mercy. You attacked him in cold blood like this. Our clan has organized this meeting. Of course, we need to guarantee the safety of our guests,"

Marcus said gravely, looking at Austin with murderous killing intent.

'He has the balls to provoke and insult us like this. It is obvious, he has no respect for our clan, ' Marcus thought.

"Ha-ha! Dick has already reached the premium stage of Bitter Sea Realm, while I am still at the preliminary stage of Emperor Realm.

His cultivation base is far higher than mine.

I just gave it my best. Are you saying I shouldn't have tried my best when I fought against him?

Don't you think you are being ridiculous?"

Austin said in disdain and mocked them all.

"That's enough! I bet you've come here to create trouble. Tell us, who are you?"

Paul questioned with a livid face.

"What do you m

sense that the giant's power had weakened slightly.

Watching Austin hit the giant, Marcus went ballistic.

"Move!" Marcus manipulated the giant, making him charge at Austin again.

Austin disappeared quickly when he realized that the giant was about to reach him. He was so agile that his opponent couldn't hit him.

He was displaying a new bodily movement skill that he had come up with based on the Dragon Lightness, the Invisibility Skill and the Space Teleportation. With this new skill, he could surprise his enemies any time.

Moreover, Austin's Infernal Sword was an incredible magic treasure.

The giant got stabbed more than ten times within a few seconds. As he had sustained great injuries, the power released by him faded away.


He was shattered to pieces the moment he was drained of his energy.

"It's your turn now!" Austin said before vanishing into thin air.

In the blink of an eye, he was found standing behind Marcus. There was only the distance of an inch between them.

He controlled the Spiritual Pot and used it to hit Marcus's spiritual soul.

At the same time, he stabbed Marcus in the back. Although Marcus had used his vital energy to form a shield over him, the white sword pierced through it.

"Don't you want to get your magic treasure back?

Sadly, I don't think that's going to happen,"

Austin spoke to Marcus through his spiritual sense.

"What? You're..."

Marcus exclaimed when he identified Austin.

Before he could finish his sentence, Austin stabbed him deeper.

Marcus's body exploded.

Since Marcus always wanted Austin dead, Austin didn't show him any mercy.

'This brat murdered Marcus! How could he do that?'

Everyone present there, including Paul, was shaken up as they saw Austin kill Marcus just before their eyes.

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