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   Chapter 1648 Beating The Genius

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"You have a point," said another young cultivator.

"That son of a bitch better spend the rest of his life in darkness. If he dares to show up now, he will definitely not end up good."

Austin realized that those people were talking about him.

He found it absurd.

'Ha-ha! This is ridiculous. I'm just right here. Why will these people think I am hiding?' snapped Austin inwardly.

"By the way, Marcus. I heard that Austin stole your magic treasure. Is that true?" asked a young cultivator.

Marcus' face darkened instantly upon hearing the question.

Yes, Austin took his bronze furnace.

He had been a pain in the ass to Marcus.

"Humph! If that asshole hadn't worked with Peacock Princess, he couldn't have taken my magic treasure away," responded Marcus.

"Both of them owe me a lot. They should wish not to cross paths with me, or else I will end their lives immediately." Marcus clenched his teeth in anger.

An enigmatic spite flashed his eyes as he mentioned the names of Austin and Peacock Princess.

"Austin has just reached the premium stage of Semi-emperor Realm. He is just a weakling as of the moment," commented a good-looking teenager with a fair skin.

"I can even beat him to a pulp."

The teenager seemed to be very confident of himself.

He gave Marcus a self-assured smile.

This young man was only about seventeen years old but he was already at the premium stage of Bitter Sea Realm. No wonder he had so much confidence in himself.

He deserved to be called a genius. After all, it was rare for someone at his age to reach his current realm.

"Dude, you're giving yourself too much credit. Let's just forget about his realm. Austin got Marcus' bronze furnace.

That bronze furnace is very powerful. It can even take out most Bitter Sea Realm cultivators.

You can't even survive that bronze furnace alone. How can you brag that you can beat that Austin guy to a pulp?

Are you taking Marcus' bronze furnace lightly?" Austin's voice resounded.

He cut in because he couldn't take their insults anymore.

All of the cultivators fixed their eyes on Austin.

They stared at him from head to foot but they couldn't recognize him because he was in disguise.

Aside from those elites who had really gotten invitations, there were also many young cultivators who came to the Purple Moon Mansion uninvited. They only came to see some geniuses of their age. Hence, they didn't suspe

ut just hold their breaths.

"I told you, you've just overrated your abilities but you didn't believe me," said Austin with a smirk.

"Now it's my turn to show you what I am really capable of."

Austin reached Dick in a flash and swung at him.

The force of his punch was one hundred fifty million pounds so when it hit his target, the air split and the whole place shook.

The other young cultivators around them were all shocked with their mouths agape. 'This guy has such a terrifying physical power.' They all had the same thought.

"That's enough!" someone shouted from the crowd.

It was Paul. "Please knock it off for my sake," he added with eyes on Austin.

He then dashed towards them quickly in an attempt to save Dick from death.

Since this feast was hosted by the Ji Clan, their members should be responsible for everything that was going on. In situations like this, one of them should mediate to avoid causing someone's life.

Paul was the principal disciple of the Ji Clan so he thought that the young man would stop hitting Dick on his account.

However, things didn't go as he expected.

Austin's punch still landed on Dick's body.

Dick tried to gather all his vital energy in a bid to protect himself from the blow. However, he couldn't focus on it because he also had to handle the Spiritual Pot in his Soul Sea at the same time.

Besides, Austin's physical strength was way too powerful.

As a result, a deep hole was created in Dick's body as he was thrown into the air.

He then fell on the ground, trembling incessantly and breathing heavily. He almost died on the spot.

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