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   Chapter 1647 The Gathering In The Mansion

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"Humph! Nonsense! You disrespected our dignified Arcane Holy Land again and again. You will pay for that!"

Bathed in purple divine light, the mighty and imposing Holy Son looked like a reborn immortal God of War. His piercing blade-like eyes stared at Austin.

Feeling the wave of intangible strong pressure, Austin knew that this Holy Son of the Arcane Holy Land was horribly powerful. Austin believed that he might not stand a chance against him.

'And if this Holy Son and that Holy Daughter joined forces to attack me, it would be way worse, ' he thought.

"Stephen, kill him!"

Chandler, who was standing aside, gnashed his teeth with so much hatred in his eyes. He was itching to see Austin killed at once.

He was a disciple of the Divine Bridge Realm from the Arcane Holy Land. His ear was cut by a primary cultivator of Emperor Realm, which was a great humiliation for him.

"Humph! You won't be so lucky next time."

Austin cast a cold glance at Chandler, fully revealing his killing desire.

With a swift move, Austin suddenly disappeared.

Since Austin had practiced the Infernal Scripture recently, he could appear and disappear mysteriously and freely. Without a master who knew about the scripture, the people present in the fight could hardly intercept him.

"Gosh, dude, wait for me!"

that stout youth named Bray yelled and left amid the chaos to come after Austin.

"This man's bodily movement skill is very formidable."

Polly, that Holy Daughter of the Arcane Holy Land, gazed at the location from which Austin had disappeared. Her eyes seemed distant as if she was in deep thoughts.

"Such a smart bodily movement skill that makes him invisible. That skill is somewhat similar to those of the killers of the Slaughtering Sect,"

Stephen said, recalling what he knew about the people from the Slaughtering Sect.

"Slaughtering Sect! Can this man be a killer from that mysterious sect?"

Polly said with a frown.

The notorious killers of Slaughtering Sect were elusive and hard to deal with. Offending them would definitely lead to countless troubles.

Even the disciples from the holy lands and clans were not willing to offend the killers of that sect.

After leaving the place, Austin instantly changed his disguise to another strange face and headed towards the Purple Moon Mansion.

The mansion was an extremely large m

must give him a great lesson sometime."

Seeing Bray flee from the scene, some young warriors gritted their teeth.

In the crowd, Austin was dumbfounded at what he had just found out.

'This guy had repeatedly declared that he would marry the Holy Daughters of all sects of the East Mainland?

And he would further create a wife troop of the Holy Daughters?

What fantastic ideas he had in mind!' Austin thought with surprise and admiration.

"Look! Here come the Holy Son and the Holy Daughter of the Arcane Holy Land,"

a young warrior suddenly exclaimed.

Just then, a dozen long rainbows pierced from the distant horizon and landed in front of the gate of the mansion.

The two leaders, a man and a woman, emerged. They were Stephen and Polly.

Immediately, a large group of young warriors flocked passionately around Stephen and Polly to greet them.

Soon after, Austin spotted two familiar figures: Marcus and Paul from the Ji Clan.

Both of them were the core disciples of the Ji Clan and had some prestige and influential power among the young generations. Furthermore, this gathering was also sponsored by their clan.

Almost immediately, another large group of young warriors surrounded Paul and Marcus and talked to them loudly.

Austin walked over to listen to what they were saying.

"Austin seems to have completely disappeared these days,"

a young warrior said.

"Humph! Now, the whole East Mainland is tracing him. No matter how bold he is, he doesn't dare to come out.

I guess he must be hiding somewhere,"

someone else answered.

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