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   Chapter 1646 Confronting The Holy Son And The Holy Daughter

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7165

Updated: 2019-12-21 00:02

Austin's eyebrows furrowed after hearing what Bray said. 'Looks like I can't just get away with it, ' he thought.

"Hey, weakling! You wanna die? Get your ass outta here!"

the aloof teenager yelled at Austin, squinting his eyes and standing with arms akimbo.

Austin gasped at the teenager's words. 'This fellow is way too cocky, ' he said in his mind. He was utterly infuriated.

"Excuse you? Do you even own this place?

You don't get to decide when and where I stay,"

Austin talked back.

Bray burst into laughter with Austin's response.

"Nice one, dude. I love your guts. People like you? Thumbs up for me!" he commented.

"Okay. You stay here, you die. You think you can die with glory in this land? You've never been so wrong in your life,"

the teenager said, glaring at Austin and scanning him from head to foot.

This teenager had already reached the preliminary stage of Divine Bridge Realm, so he had no ounce of doubt that Austin, who was still at the preliminary stage of Emperor Realm, was an opponent he could easily defeat.

"You have a brain, don't you? Why don't you use it to go to hell?

You have no right to meddle with other people's business!" the aloof teenager said, smirking.

One of the nine star rivers around the teenager which contained enormous vital energy then came charging at Austin.

He seemed hell-bent on taking Austin's life.

"Hey, Chandler Cui! Seriously?

You're killing someone just because they didn't listen to you? You're being too impossible!" Bray called out the teenager.

He rushed towards Austin in a bid to rescue him.

'This one's not so bad, '

Austin mused, watching intently as Bray ran towards him.

"Swoosh!" Austin vanished in his place!


The shiny star river hit Austin's previous spot. It was barely recognizable after the hit. The ground even shook and cracked, as if there was an earthquake.

'What just happened? Where the fuck did that loser go?'

Chandler Cui couldn't believe what transpired in just a few minutes. Austin disappeared into thin air, and he couldn't perceive his foe even with his spiritual sense.


man then sped towards Austin.

"Dude, the man is Stephen Zhou and the woman is Polly Yuan. He is the Holy Son, she is the Holy Daughter. They're both from the Arcane Holy Land. They're too strong. Your powers aren't enough to defeat them. Run as fast as you can, now!"

Bray informed Austin through his spiritual sense.

'No wonder I can sense their intense spiritual vital energy force, '

Austin thought to himself.

"Do people from the Arcane Holy Land just do whatever the fuck they want?

He tried to kill me, so why didn't you stop him?

Then when I tried to defend myself, you both got in my way.

Are the people from Arcane Holy Land this unreasonable, huh?"

Austin couldn't help the rage. He snapped. He feared no one.

"Your bodily movement skill is so strange. How come Chandler could hurt you one bit?

Then a wimp like you injured him! You shall pay for what you've done,"

Stephen Zhou replied, his words weighty in the danger they carried.

"That's ridiculous. You mean I have no right to fight back?

I can't believe people from the Arcane Holy Land are not just unreasonable. Worse, you're all barbaric!"

Austin exclaimed.

Bray laughed out loud yet again.

"You have a point, dude. The disciples of the Arcane Holy Land are really uncivilized.

I just said hello to their Holy Daughter, gave her a sweet look, then they beat me up like shit! Unbelievable," he remembered.

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