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   Chapter 1645 Bumping Into Bray Xiao

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Austin continued to study the Infernal Scripture inside the room. He stayed focused with the intent to completely unravel what the scripture contained.

A couple hours later, he finally got some harvest.

"The Invisibility Skill has something to do with spatial force. Besides, it has something in common with the Dragon Lightness,"

Austin murmured, his eyes twinkling with joy.

He had just discovered a bodily movement skill in the Infernal Scripture.

The Invisibility Skill that was designed for assassins had two features: agility and invisibility.

It took Austin a couple of days to learn this bodily movement skill. He spent every second of the day to successfully acquire the skill.

The Invisibility Skill was related to the spatial force. When Austin activated it, he had been able to hide himself in his surroundings and become invisible. He could pop out or disappear into thin air using this bodily movement skill.

However, it was different from Space Teleportation.

The Space Teleportation, could make the user get into another dimension.

With the Invisibility Skill, the one who exhibited it would still be in this world. He had just become unseen by the naked eyes.

The idea to combine the Space Teleportation with the Invisibility Skill crossed Austin's mind. It could be a useful combination for combat.

The Invisibility Skill would enable him to be invisible while the Space Teleportation would allow him to disappear into the void.

If he could come up with a new bodily movement skill based on these two skills, it would be perfect.

Forging a new skill inspired by the two skills would be challenging. Despite that, it was a feasible idea.

'Dragon Lightness is also a mysterious, useful bodily movement skill.

If I can find a way to utilize the Invisibility Skill, the Space Teleportation and the Dragon Lightness, I will be able to create a new bodily movement skill.

But will the new bodily movement skill work well?'

The more he thought about it, the more excited he got.

"All right. I will give it a shot!"

Austin kept the Infernal Sword before standing up.

In a blink of an eye, he left the room.

In the starry sky, Austin took turns in using the Dragon Lightness, the Space Teleportation and the Invisibility Skill. He was trying to work out a solution to combine the three bodily movement skills.

His efforts weren't in vain. Four hours later, he made a progress.

Austin was able

pair of sparkling eyes. Any man who would meet her gaze would get lost in those dazzling eyes. Her rosy lips were also eye-catching.

She was as beautiful as a goddess and exuded an elegant vibe. There was a distant look on her face, which seemed to push people away.

After observing the onlookers for a while, Austin shifted his eyes back to the two young men who were still fighting fiercely with each other.

From the look of it, the arrogant teenager was gaining the upper hand.

"Bray Xiao, who do you think you are? How dare you dally with our Holy Daughter?

I should teach you a lesson before you get worse in the future," the aloof teenager said defiantly.

He launched a series of powerful attacks at his opponent. Each technique he displayed was exceedingly powerful that it caused the space to shake.

Nine bright rivers made of stars materialized behind him. Each of those contained an overwhelming power.

The teenager directed one of the star rivers to hit the young man.

The strong young man who had been hit was shot away. The force of the blow made the blood gush out of his mouth.

He fell right in front of where Austin stood.

"Damn it! You people from the Arcane Holy Land have gone too far!

I just greeted your Holy Daughter and cast her a few glances. Do you have to beat me like this?"

the man retorted angrily as he slowly helped himself up from the ground.

"Dude, come here. I just looked at the beautiful girl for a while, did I commit a serious crime? Stunning girls are born to be admired. Don't you think so?"

The man named Bray Xiao walked up to Austin as soon as he saw him.

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