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   Chapter 1644 A Feast In The Purple Moon Mansion

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"Don't worry too much, Mr. Lin.

Although many human cultivators tried to capture your friends, they managed to run away from them.

It seems like one of your friends is very skilled in spatial force. I don't think they will be easily caught by those cultivators."

One of the old ladies tried to comfort Austin.

"Really?" Austin asked.

Her words about the safety of his friends set his mind slightly at ease.

'Gnome's spatial power is more powerful. He can now travel through space for ten kilometers and stay in the void for at least two hours.

It will be difficult to capture him unless they are top cultivators, ' Austin thought with much relief.

"Do you have an idea who are pursuing them?"

Austin asked, and a malicious look flashed through his eyes.

"From what I've heard, those human cultivators are chasing your friends because they are planning to tame them and keep them as pets.

They are talented disciples from different sects or clans and are the elites among the young generation of the East Mainland,"

a man from the beast race said, as he walked up to Austin.

Many of the members of the beast race heard about the two ancient beasts while looking for the Peacock Princess


Austin was seething in anger.

'These elites from major sects and clans must have discovered that Violet and gnome are ancient beasts. That's why they were chasing after them. They plan to tame them so that they will have control over them.

They must have found out these two ancient beast's potential. Once Violet and gnome grow up, they will become great masters. If these young cultivators will be able to capture them and keep them under their control, they will have two powerful subordinates.

These outstanding disciples from different sects will never allow this very good opportunity to pass.

Having two ancient beasts as their servants will give them an opportunity to show off everywhere, ' Austin analyzed.

'Humph! Violet, gnome, don't worry! I promise that I will make them pay for what they have done to you.

Since they think too highly of themselves because they consider themselves as geniuses, I will beat them all up and turn them into idiots, '

Austin swore to himself.

"It will be mor

ho took the Purple Immortal's coffin. I did it with the Earth Hermit.

But these cultivators don't have the nerve to track Earth Hermit in public.

So they all focus on searching for me.

Damn these so-called elites and clans! Why are they making things difficult for me? At first, they tried to capture Violet and gnome, and now they are going to gather together to hunt me down.

What did I do to them? They have gone too far.

Since they asked for it. I'll go to the feast and see what these elites are capable of, '

Austin thought.

He decided to sneak into the feast.

That night Austin, together with the Peacock Princess and her maids, found a hotel and checked in.

To avoid attracting too much attention, the Peacock Princess and her maids disguised themselves.

It was midnight, and the moon illuminated the sky.

Austin was in deep thought while he was sitting cross-legged on the bed in his room.

He stared at the white Infernal Sword that was floating in front of him.

Then he released his spiritual sense to check the sword.

The aura that was released by the Infernal Sword sent shivers down his spine.

The Infernal Sword, being the sacred symbol of the Infernal Sect, had been soaked with the blood of lots of top cultivators since ancient times.

Austin figured that was the reason why it was so powerful.

If he mastered all the martial skills in the Infernal Scripture and learned to wield the Infernal Sword, then he would enhance his power greatly.

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