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   Chapter 1643 Are They Friends With You

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Austin and the girls from the beast race exited the tavern and pushed their way through the crowd that was forming. Austin guided them to the tall gates and through to the open land outside. He looked out at the horizon.

There was many places they could travel to next but he thought that Violet and the gnome might be waiting for him near Purple Immortal's tomb.

He wanted to return to the base of the Flame Holy Land, but he owed it to them to join back together first.

Peacock Princess had also been to Purple Immortal's tomb in search of treasures with other members from the beast race.

There was a chance that her subordinates would search for her in the vicinity of Purple Immortal's tomb, so she decided to accompany Austin on his journey there.

Austin, Peacock Princess, and her maids agreed to head for the Celestial City first

because it was close to Purple Immortal's tomb.

When they were fully out of the city, they paused and watched Peacock Princess. She opened her mouth and a colorful feather slipped out. The wind blew, causing it to elongate until it was a dozen meters long.

She jumped onto the feather before inviting Austin and her maids to join her.

Once they were all on top of it, the feather emitted colorful lights. Slowly, the feather transformed into a beam of light and flew towards its destination.

Standing on the colorful feather, Austin marveled at its shocking speed. 'Peacock Princess's feather must be some incredible magic treasure. How else could it hold us all and travel so fast?' he thought, smiling.

Minutes after their speedy departure, a teenager rushed out of the Sunrise City with a dozen cultivators at his side. His head was wrapped in thick, white gauze and some blood was still trickling down from it.

It was Edgar, the son of the leader of the Crown Sect and he was teeming with anger.

He gritted his teeth together and clenched his one good fist.

"Rest assured, Mr. Jiang. While the battle was going on, I left a trace of my spiritual sense mark on one of the bitches.

My spiritual sense mark can be used to locate other people. We will find them soon," a middle-aged man in indigo assured Edgar.

Edgar sneered at him and looked back at the empty horizon.

"I don't want you to kill that bastard. I want him brought here so I can torture him slowly and make him regret coming into this world," Edgar said.

There was the slightest gleam in his eyes at the thought of getting his revenge.

He had an army now. More than ten cultivators were under his command together with the two middle-aged men i

ment that the old lady had mentioned two young ancient beasts, he was certain that she was referring to Violet and the gnome.

'People are coming after Violet and gnome!' Austin's heart skipped a beat and he looked at the old woman.

"What's going on, madam?

Why are these people hunting them down? Did they do something wrong?

How are they doing now? Did they get hurt?"

Austin asked anxiously as he rushed towards the old lady.

He had met Violet and the gnome in the Violet Orchid Empire of the Prime Martial World.

The two of them had kept him company and they became friends over that time. The three of them left the Violet Orchid Empire and explored the South Continent of the Prime Martial World together.

Later, the three of them arrived at the Divine Continent. They had been through everything together, and Austin wouldn't sit around doing nothing while his friends were in trouble.

Austin began pacing back and forth. He couldn't remain calm now that he had heard that Violet and the gnome were in danger.

"Are the two ancient beasts friends with you, Mr. Lin?"

Peacock Princess asked tentatively.

"Yes, they are. You've met one of them,"

Austin replied with a nod.

"What? So that cute, demonic beast I saw in the Dawning Mountains is an ancient being? !"

Peacock Princess covered her mouth with her hand and gasped. Although she had seen the gnome, she didn't recognize that he was an ancient beast at the time.

"So the two ancient beasts are your friends, Mr. Lin."

The rest from the beast race were in shock, hanging onto every word.

Being a part of the beast race, they were aware that ancient beasts were more superior to them in terms of their status and powers.

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