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   Chapter 1642 Teaching Edgar Jiang A Lesson

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"Oh my god. It's him," one of the cultivators in the tavern whispered above all the others.

Austin now understood why the tavern had gotten so quiet once the teenager arrived. They were all terrified of him.

The Crown Sect was a second-class sect in the East Mainland. Although the three holy lands and the three prominent clans were above it, it had a long history.

It ranked first among the second-class sects in the East Mainland.

The leader of the Crown Sect had a well-known son who, despite being famous, had a bad reputation in the East Mainland.

He came from power and he used that power to get and do what he wanted. He often bullied the weak and took advantage of women.

As Austin looked around the tavern, he saw that many of the cultivators were cowering back from the teenager. Even though he was younger than them, he still was more powerful.

They could fight back against him but that would automatically make the Crown Sect their enemy. There were only a few that had the guts to do that.

Peacock Princess and her maids arched their eyebrows as they exchanged a look with each other. 'Oops. Even though we were being careful, we still ran into this infamous bully.'

"It's not right to treat a beautiful lady like this.

Be a gentleman, understood?" the handsome teenager scolded his servant, walking up to Austin and the girls. As he walked, the other cultivators moved quickly out of his way.

He acted like a high-born gentleman. The look on his face showed his contempt towards the people in the tavern.

Since his father was the leader of a second-class sect, he also had a high status in the East Mainland. He had made it his mission to steal away Peacock Princess, whether she wanted to come or not.

"Miss, I'm Edgar Jiang. I feel like I have known you my whole life. May I have the honor of being friends with you?"

the handsome teenager asked, holding out his hand and looking Peacock Princess up and down with his lewd eyes.

Peacock Princess' face twisted in disgust. She even moved her body further away from him. Edgar's eyes widened and then narrowed in annoyance.

"You scumbag, didn't you hear them? They asked you to get lost,"

Austin cut in.

"Fuck! What did you say, you obnoxious lowlife? Don't you know who I am?

You can't talk to me like that! You're as good as dead," Edgar Jiang yelled.

His face was beet red but Austin couldn't tell if it was from embarrassment or anger. Edgar Jiang had always thought highly of himself. There wasn't a person alive that had the guts to insult him.

Even worse, there was a beautiful girl watching. He couldn't let this young man go alive after humiliating him like this.

"Today is the end of your days," Edger Jiang bellowed as he took a couple steps backwards. His handsome eyes were now filled with malice.

He spread his hand and stretched out his arm to hit Austin. The vital energy that was emanating from his palm was so powerful that it formed a hurricane. The nearby tables lifted and slammed against the walls. Glass shattered and cultivators ran into the far corners of the room.

Taking a moment, Austin determined that Edgar Jiang was

w that you were wrong?"

Austin asked sternly.

Edgar Jiang didn't reply. All that came out of his mouth was more screams and cries. He had never hated someone so much in his life. He swore in that moment that he would do anything to make Austin pay for this.

Austin waited for a minute and after receiving no response, Austin raised his eyebrows and lifted his foot once again.

He stomped on Edgar Jiang another dozen times.

"Answer my question!"

Austin bellowed.

"Yes, I understand! I was wrong. Now please, let me go," Edgar Jiang begged.

Hot tears rolled down his cheeks and mixed in with the blood. He couldn't fight any longer. His head was bent into an entirely different shape.

If he hadn't reached the preliminary stage of Bitter Sea Realm, he would have already blacked out.

A higher cultivation base meant that a cultivator could withstand more pain.

"Let him go, Mr. Lin. Spare his life or you will get into a lot of trouble,"

Peacock Princess said to Austin through her spiritual sense.

"Fine. I'm not happy about it but let's get going,"

Austin said to Peacock Princess and her maids through his spiritual sense.

He saw that Edgar Jiang had managed to sit upright so he turned and kicked him in the stomach.

Edgar Jiang was thrown against the wall and broke through it.

He fell on a busy street and clutched his sore abdomen. His eyes crossed and he nearly passed out.


The two men in indigo were the first to check on Edgar Jiang. They leapt through the hole in the wall and stood over him.

Austin, Peacock Princess, and her maids slipped out the doors and into the loud street. Everyone on the street was running to see what had happened.

"Ha-ha. It looks like it was the bully's turn to be beaten. He deserved this."

"That young man is so fearless. I didn't expect him to kick that bully's ass."

"Ha-ha. I bet the leader of the Crown Sect will pass out when he sees what happened to his son."

A heated discussion erupted among the cultivators in the tavern. They were glad to see Edgar Jiang being taught a lesson for once.

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