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   Chapter 1641 Get Lost

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A couple of days later, Austin and a dozen girls from the beast race weaved through the mountains and into the open land.

After walking until their feet were sore and sweat drenched their backs, they arrived at the tall gates of a busy city.

As they entered the gates, Austin realized they were in the Sunrise City which was part of the Kim Kingdom. It was cleaner than a lot of the cities he had been to before but there were hundreds of people roaming the streets.

In between their bobbing heads, Austin caught sight of posters on the far wall that had his face plastered across them.

There were rewards listed below each of his portraits that were offered by different sects and clans in the East Mainland.

Austin's jaw dropped and his eyebrows pushed closer together in a frown.

'How did they find out what I look like? I wore that human-skin mask in the Purple Immortal's tomb so my appearance was not my own.

But that is my real face on those posters.

By now, my portrait could be everywhere in the East Mainland, ' Austin thought. He kicked his foot against the ground and grunted.

Wondering why he only saw his own face, he scanned his eyes across all the walls but he couldn't find Earth Hermit's portrait.

'Earth Hermit is notable in the East Mainland, so those sects and clans must not have offered a reward for his arrest in public. They must have set their men to look for him in secret.

I'm just a nobody which means the leaders of those sects and clans didn't have a problem posting rewards for my capture.'

Now on high alert, Austin transformed his appearance using the human-skin mask. He now looked like a completely different young man. After roaming the city for a while, he and the girls walked into a tavern and sat at a window seat.

The tavern was loud and full of people but Austin could still pick out conversations regarding him between the cultivators nearby.

"I saw that the leaders of many sects and clans are offering a handsome reward for clues regarding that Austin Lin. Have you gotten any leads on him?

It's insane. The leader of the Ji Family—one of the three prominent families—has offered a reward of one hundred million enlightening crystals for his capture. If I can locate that brat first, I'll be a rich man."

"That doesn't seem like a good deal to me. I think they should have offered more enlightening crystals.

After all, Purple Immortal's most valuable collections and the method to reach the Immortal Transforming Realm might be in that coffin that he stole.

He possesses priceless treasures. Even the powerful reclusive elders from the three holy lands and the three prominent clans who are living out their lives in seclusion want

dge Realm masters. One of them was at the preliminary stage while the other had reached the medium stage.

With eyes glaring, the teenager surveyed the crowd. He had an air of haughtiness to him, like he was the most superior person in the room.

However, that all changed when his gaze fell on Peacock Princess. His eyes lit up like fireworks.

Peacock Princess had snow-white, creamy skin and was endowed with the breath-taking beauty. With just one look, she could have any man in the world on his knees.

The teenager ogled Peacock Princess obsessively. Austin was surprised that he didn't see drool drip off his chin. After a while, the teenager winked at one of the middle-aged men.

Understanding the teenager's instructions, the middle-aged man left his side and walked to where Austin and the girls were.

"My lady, our master wants you. This way, please,"

the middle-aged man said politely, looking at Peacock Princess.

"Who the heck is your master? Is he some important person? Why else would my lady want to accept his invitation?

Get lost!"

Cheryl yelled defensively, narrowing her big eyes at the man.

Peacock Princess was such a gorgeous girl that no man could stop themselves from falling in love with her. She barely even flinched at this request.

It was daily occasion for strange men to ask for her presence. Her maids were all used to the situation, but they were still steadfastly protective of her.


You are honored to be invited by our master. Don't be an idiot.

His father is the leader of the Crown Sect.

So, get your ass over there right now or..."

the middle-aged man threatened in a gradually raising voice.

As a warning, he released an overwhelming vital energy force and used it to envelop Austin and the girls from the beast race.

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