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   Chapter 1640 Infernal Scripture

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After Austin mastered the fifth stage of the Grand Body Refining Skill, he left the valley. Later that day, he found a clean, secret cave and went in. He needed the silence the cave was offering. He took out the half of the coffin and sat cross-legged on it.

He took out more than ten million ruling crystals that the Earth Hermit had given him and began his work on refining them.

Drawing the energy from the crystals, he tried making a breakthrough.

Austin worked on and on and on, refining the ruling crystals.

A month had easily passed by.

One day, he released the powerful vital energy, which made the mountain shake. It moved violently until cracks started to show up.

With an earsplitting sound, the entire mountain collapsed.

But in disbelief and amazement, Austin flew out of a heap of earth, unscathed.

With the use of his new vital energy to defend himself, he remained clean without bruises from the fall of the mountain.

"I have finally reached the preliminary stage of Emperor Realm,"

Austin gushed. Everything he had done was worth it.

To break into his current realm, it cost him about three million ruling crystals.

For the most common cultivators, three million ruling crystals were awfully a lot. Most of them couldn't afford it, let alone see one first hand.

Austin had improved the quality of his vital energy by practicing the Golden Sun Scripture. In terms of vital energy force, he was much stronger than most cultivators at his realm.

'The only problem is learning the Golden Sun Scripture requires a big sum of cultivation resources, ' Austin remarked, thinking by himself.

"All right," he said, finally after thinking through things.

"I'm going to study this Infernal Sword."

He then took out the white sword, excitement and expectancy flaring from his eyes.

According to the Earth Hermit, the Infernal Scripture might be hidden inside the Infernal Sword he was now holding. If Austin could get the ancient scripture from the sword, his battle force could improve dramatically and that could help him a lot.

Thinking about the upgrade he could have, Austin began working on the Infernal Sword.

For the second time, he took out the half of the coffin and sat on it cross-legged.

The white Infernal Sword, as magical as it was, was floating in front of him.

Austin cleared his mind, and observed the Infernal Sword.

The place fell into dead silence, and so did Austin.

Days had passed.

When he thought nothing was going on anymore and he was just wasting his time and energy, brilliant light emitted from the Infernal Sword.

The light enveloped his surroundings. Austin did his best to let his eyes stay open as the light flashed, almost blinding him.

"Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!"

One by one, white figures rushed out f


Austin replied.

By the slight frown from Peacock Princess's expression, he could tell she was slightly upset.

Of course, she would be upset. Because of the injuries she had taken, she missed a good opportunity to find treasures in the tomb of a great master who had reached the Immortal Transforming Realm.

Austin even thought that if he was Princess Peacock who couldn't do anything about it, would be frustrated too.

"This is the scripture I got there. You can spend some time on it when you're free. It will be useful to you," he said.

He transferred the Mind-clearing Scripture into Peacock Princess's Soul Sea.

Peacock Princess looked puzzled. "A scripture?"

She then started skimming through the Mind-clearing Scripture.

"No way! This is..." Astonished, she looked at Austin.

"Thank you! This scripture is almost as precious as an ancient scripture! If cultivators recite it frequently, they will be able to defeat their own demons. It will be helpful for their cultivation."

As the princess in the beast race and Peacock King's daughter, she had seen more of the world than Austin. Besides, her cultivation base was also higher than his.

So she could find the great value of the Mind-clearing Scripture immediately.

When the emotions had died down and the pleasantries had ended, Austin stood and said, "We should get out of here."

The Peacock Princess nodded. Austin then transported her, her maids and himself out of the City model.

After that, he and the ladies from the beast race left the mountains.

'How are Violet and gnome doing now?'

Austin wondered.

Since he and Earth Hermit had been pursued by a bunch of top cultivators of the East Mainland, they got separated and he had no time to look for Violet and the gnome in the Purple Immortal's tomb.

Austin planned to find them first now that he was safe.

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