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   Chapter 1639 Splitting Up Treasures

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"Brat, as for this coffin, let's go halves," Earth Hermit proposed after studying the coffin for a while.

He sliced the coffin in half with his bare hands, and after he threw half of it at Austin, the latter part floated in front of him.

"According to you the coffin is made of dragon tree, and it will boost our cultivation process if we cultivate sitting on it.

Are you absolutely sanguine about that?"

Austin asked skeptically as he eyed the half of the coffin.

"You think I was lying?

No problem. I will take all of them."

Earth Hermit pursed his lips and expressed his displeasure.

With a wave of his sleeve, Austin stored all the boards in front of him into his Space Ring.

'I need to take them. What if the coffin is really made of dragon tree? I don't want to miss out on good and genuine treasures, ' he mused.

"Don't look down upon the blood. If I can know the right way to use it, I might be able to reach the Immortal Transforming Realm.

Even drinking a little will enhance my strength greatly,"

Earth Hermit continued, as he pointed at the floating blood in front of him.

Austin felt disgusting as he watched the blood. 'This old man does have weird fetishes. He even wants to drink the blood stored inside the coffin for hundreds of thousands of years.' He was simply grossed out at the thought.

"But boy, you're too weak now.

The blood won't do you any good now.

So allow me to take it,"

Earth Hermit announced as he turned to look at Austin.

Austin nodded in agreement.

'My cultivation base is so low right now. I've a long way before I reach the Immortal Transforming Realm.

But he is different. He is one of the most powerful seniors in the East Mainland, and I think his cultivation base must be pretty high.

It's more practical for him to enter the Immortal Transforming Realm compared to me, ' Austin decided.

"There are many ancient characters present on the shroud. I have studied them and found it was the Mind-clearing Scripture.

When cultivators get disturbed or confused by some evil power, they can calm down or conquer their inner demons by chanting from this scripture.

I'm going to put the Mind-clearing Scripture into your Soul Sea. You can read it at your ease,"

Earth Hermit said.

The moment he finished talking, Austin found a sc

his shoes, ' he mused.

"Yeah. Take care and don't get yourself killed," Earth Hermit responded, patting Austin's shoulder gently and cordially.

The elder took several steps and vanished into thin air.

Austin went to a quiet valley and began his cultivation without wasting a moment.

He decided to practice the Grand Body Refining Skill first because he had plenty of herbs of earth tribute.

All these were superior herbs at or above the grade four to his great excitement.

Austin speculated that he could succeed in learning the stage four and the stage five of the Grand Body Refining Skill once he ate all the high-grade superior herbs of earth attribute.

He then took out all the herbs of earth attribute that he had and placed them in front of him.

After swallowing all the herbs, he started to cultivate the Grand Body Refining Skill.

Ten days passed after this.

Austin did master the five stage of the Grand Body Refining Skill.

Till the time he gathered his physical strength, he emitted dazzling earthy yellow light. And once he clenched his fist, a deafening sound came from his body.

His physical strength had reached a whopping one hundred and fifty million pounds.

He could even punch a cultivator who was at the premium stage of Emperor Realm to death.

After mastering the fifth stage of the Grand Body Refining Skill, Austin could prevail over most Emperor Realm cultivators by mere physical strength.

But he wasn't sure if he could defeat a Divine Bridge Realm master using only his physical power.

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