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   Chapter 1638 Infernal Scripture

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So many things had happened within a few moments.

Austin and the stall owner had dashed towards the coffin. Austin opened the coffin and other top cultivators attacked him. The stall owner came to Austin's aid as he took out his old compass to withstand the attacks of the masters.

While the stall owner was tackling one of the strong cultivators, Austin bent over to get the items which were soaked in blood.

He collected all the stuff that was in the coffin, including the black shroud, the white sword, the wooden fish and the stick.

He quickly stuffed them into his Space Ring.

"I'm done here. Run!"

Austin shouted at the old man.

The way he looked at the old man had changed a lot.

'I would have never known that this stall owner is a big shot! It never occurred to me that he could be the legendary Earth Hermit!' Austin thought.

"Get all the blood in the coffin too.

It must be the Purple Immortal's blood.

If we drink some of it, we might be able to reach the Immortal Transforming Realm," the stall owner reminded Austin.

His old compass was exceptionally powerful. Immense yellow energy released by it was strong enough to fend off the blows from those top cultivators.

Reluctantly, Austin followed his instructions.

"Oh! I almost missed a treasure.

The coffin is made of dragon tree.

Take it with you. If a cultivator sits on it, he will be able to progress more quickly.

Besides, we can use it as a bed, which improves our health!"

the Earth Hermit added.

"What the hell is wrong with you, old man? Are these your quirks—drinking blood and sleeping in the coffin?"

Austin grumbled.

Despite the discomfort he felt about it, he stuffed the coffin into his Space Ring.

"Now!" he shouted at the old man.

Austin didn't want to stay there for another minute as all the strong cultivators present intensified their attacks on the old man and him.

Even the three slaves, who were on the edge of the platform, dashed towards them as they saw Austin put the coffin aside.

Austin knew that he and the Earth Hermit would be in grave trouble if they didn't flee immediately.

He knew he had to act without wasting any more time.

Quickly, Austin activated the Dragon Lightness and rushed down the high platform.

Hit by formidably powerful attacks, the Fire Stela


"What's that?" Austin inquired.

He could judge by the elder's response that the white sword was an incredible weapon.

"Boy, have you heard about the Slaughtering Sect?"

the Earth Hermit asked.


Austin replied instantly.

He had even put down a killer from the Slaughtering Sect.

"The Slaughtering Sect has a long history in our East Mainland and its members are killers.

But before this sect was established, there was another similar organization—the Infernal Sect.

It is said that the Infernal Sect was formed a million years ago, And it was believed that the sect was more powerful than the current Slaughtering Sect.

Somehow, it disappeared five hundred thousand years ago.

The white sword is the Infernal Sword, a sacred symbol for the Infernal Sect. It held great value and respect for the sect.

You should spend more time on this sword. Perhaps you'll find the Infernal Scripture in it.

The Infernal Scripture is better than the Slaughtering Scripture of the Slaughtering Sect. It is the most valuable ancient scripture for killers,"

the Earth Hermit explained.

'Ancient scripture?'

Austin became excited.

'One of the reasons for the rise of the three holy lands and the three prominent clans is because each of them has an ancient scripture.

Ancient experts in martial arts wrote the ancient scriptures. Every cultivator dreams of having them.

An ancient scripture might be in this white sword.' Austin began speculating the power of the white sword which was now in his possession.

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