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   Chapter 1637 Earth Hermit

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The elder let out a loud scream.

His right hand that was in Austin's elixir field was fading away rapidly because of the power of the Fire Stela.

The elder lost his arm within a second.

Everyone present watched in horror as the elder slowly lost his arm. They had recovered from their shock when the Fire Stela came out of Austin's head.

Like a scorching sun, it levitated in mid-air, releasing the overwhelming repressive power.

The elder who had lost his arm panicked at the sight of the Fire Stela. Unable to contain his fear, he got up on his feet and ran away screaming.

"Brat, you surprised me. It's great that you hold such a masculine treasure.

These slaves died thousands of years ago. What we see now are just their souls.

In fact, those three slaves are ghosts, and masculine treasures are their worst enemy and biggest fear.

Now open the coffin and check what is inside,"

the stall owner who had reached Austin in a flash instructed  Austin through his spiritual sense.

"Why didn't you help me when I almost died at the hands of that slave?

Now you're being nice because you realized that I have an amazing treasure," Austin replied and stared at the man angrily.

The horrible thought that he barely escaped death made his hair stand on end.

'Luckily that elder touched the Fire Stela in my elixir field by mistake and was terrified by its power. Otherwise, I would be at the death's door by now, ' Austin thought.

Since the Fire Stela entered Austin's elixir field, it remained floating inside him. It was difficult for Austin to control it, and he could not command it to fight his enemies. For some reason, the Fire Stela would not show up unless Austin's life was in danger.

"Come on, brat, don't be mad. Please try to understand, that elder is so powerful. I am no match for him. If I made a move to defend you, he could have turned against me. There was no way I could have defended myself against him.

Anyway, without me, you will not be standing here right now.

Just be grateful; you are here and you're alive. We're a team now. You can't leave me behind,"

the old man reasoned.

Austin thought about it and realized that what he said was true.

"All right. Let's go!" Austin agreed.

The Fire Stela lingered over his head. He looked up and reflected upon its

All the top cultivators raced towards the coffin, eager to get their hands on the treasures hidden inside.

Even the heads of the Shen Family and the Ji Family, a reclusive elder of the Vasteras Holy Land and several leaders of top sects in the East Mainland joined the fight and assaulted Austin and the old man. They were all famous great masters.

As each one of them released great power, the platform was suddenly filled with all kinds of energy and power which made it start to shake.

Terrified, the weak cultivators escaped from the platform in a hurry.

The young disciples decided to make a quick exit. If they continued to stay, they were afraid that might get killed accidentally by those masters.

The Fire Stela stepped back as it started to weaken and could not ward off the blows anymore.

"Shit! Brat, get all the items from the coffin. I will cover for you," the old man shouted at Austin.

The old man waved his hand, and an old compass flew out from his hand and positioned itself in front of them. It grew bigger and bigger.

A wave of dark yellow energy gushed out from the compass and exploded in the air. Infinite immense energy hit the top cultivators.

"You're Earth Hermit!"

A few top cultivators stared at the old man in shock.

Earth Hermit was one of the top-class martial artists who had long been famous in the East Mainland.

"You have disappeared for so long. I thought you were dead..."

"Damn it! What are you talking about? I would surely outlive you,"

the old man responded with a grin.

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