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   Chapter 1636 The Coffin Escorts

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At the top of the high platform laid an antique coffin. Austin and the old man fixed their eyes on it.

"Come on! Let's go up and check the coffin."

Without hesitation, the old man flew towards the high platform.

However, he was immediately pulled back down to the ground by some invisible power.

"Damn! An superb blocking array was applied here to prevent anyone from flying," commented the old vendor.

Then he thought of other ways to get to the coffin.

"All right. Let's just climb up there," he said.

Then they climbed the high jade steps one by one.

After a while, they were able to reach the top of the platform.

They saw the antique coffin lying at the center.

It was beautifully placed there that anyone who could see it would be amazed.

The antique coffin had been there for a long time. Nobody knew how many years exactly it had been staying there.

But if it really belonged to the Purple Immortal who had been famous since hundreds of thousands of years ago, it only meant that the coffin had also been there for that long.

Thinking that the coffin was hundreds of thousands years old, anyone would probably be astonished because it didn't really look old. It was still beautiful and exquisite.

"The real treasure must be hidden in the coffin!" exclaimed the old vendor.

Then he warily walked towards the coffin.

Austin shuddered when he thought what kind of subtlety could have been hidden in the coffin of the great master of Immortal Realm.

The great master of Immortal Realm was the most powerful man in the continent. He was known to be a terrible person to everyone.

Until now, no one would still dare to underestimate his power even if he had been dead for hundreds of thousands of years.

While Austin and the old vendor were staring at the coffin, a voice was suddenly heard from a distance.

"Humph! I've never thought that two small potatoes would be here so early!"

Austin and the old vendor both turned around to see whose voice it was. Then they saw a young Taoist appeared at the jade steps. He might have also climbed the steps without them noticing it.

The young Taoist was now standing in front of them, with both hands behind him. He was surrounded by sword shadows and sword lights which created an unidentifiable illusion. It was like he was in a far-off country of swords.

"Boy, remember not to argue with him. He is a weird old freak so better not make him angry. Otherwise, he will hurt you."

The old vendor secretly released his spiritual sense to communicate with Austin. He needed to warn Austin of the possible danger they might encounter.

"You two, get out of here now! This is not the right place for you to stay," said the young Taoist indifferently. He looked at them scornfully.

All of a sudden, another voice was heard.

"Well, this must be the coffin of the Purple Immortal."

A middle-aged man who was bathed in dazzling lights also appeared in the high platform. His face was almost invisible because it was covered by the golden light.

"That must be the coffin of the Purple Immortal. Let's go and take a look at it!"

More people gathe

even all his secrets were stripped off.

"Hey, the coffin escort seems to recognize you. Do you think he is one of your relatives?" whispered the old vendor to Austin.

A confused look was very transparent on his face.

"Old man, don't talk nonsense! How can I have a relative from hundreds of thousands of years ago?" Austin furrowed his brows.

He tried to plant a smile on his face to cover up the confusion that he felt.

However, the elder's action was already noticed by all the people in the platform. They all set their eyes at Austin's direction.

They all wondered why an ancient from hundreds of thousands of years ago would suddenly stare at a young man who had a weak cultivation base.

Was there any secret hidden in this young man?

What happened next made all people there more shocked.

In an instant, the elder left the coffin and silently appeared in front of Austin like a ghost.

He was carrying a terrible aura of coldness and doom.

Out of fear, all people around Austin screamed and ran in all directions.

Austin wanted to escape as well but the aura that surrounded him made him unable to move even a bit.

"What do you want from me?" asked Austin anxiously.

But the elder didn't answered.

He just stretched his right arm towards Austin.

'It looks like the elder found the Omnipotent Pot on me, ' thought Austin.

He reckoned that the elder felt the Omnipotent Pot that was on him.

Based on history, the Omnipotent Pot had been the most valuable treasure to the people of East Mainland for millions of years.

So since this ancient felt the presence of the Omnipotent Pot in Austin, he might wanted to take it away from him.

As much as he wanted to, it was impossible for Austin to fight against this elder at the moment.

Boom! Boom!

All of a sudden, a thundering sound was heard.

It was from Austin's elixir field. Then thousands of rays of terrible golden light rushed out. Overwhelming power flooded the place like tsunami.

It turned out the elder stretched out his hand and touched the Fire Stela in Austin's elixir field.

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