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   Chapter 1634 Death River

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Noticing that Austin had no intention of giving the semi-omnipotent herb to them, the handsome teenager was losing his patience. "Hmm! It's a waste of time speaking with a loser of the Semi-emperor Realm. Go to hell!"

While the young man spoke, he made his way to Austin. He moved so amazingly fast that he reached Austin in a flash.

Since he had reached the premium stage of Bitter Sea Realm, he didn't take Austin seriously at all.

When he stretched out his hand, it emitted a brilliant light. The light grew bigger and bigger with each passing moment. Soon, he raised his hand in a bid to hit Austin to death.


The bronze furnace came out of Austin's body and floated above his head. It grew bigger until it was a hundred meters in height. Four kinds of fire of different colors flowed out of it and hit the good-looking teenager.

"This is Marcus's magic treasure. How did you get it?" the teenager asked.

He looked appalled as he recognized the magic treasure.

"That's none of your business!"

Austin took a stride and gathered about ninety million pounds of force. He swung at the panic-stricken teenager and hit him with that massive amount of force.

At the same time, he deployed the Spiritual Pot to break into the teenager's Soul Sea.

"How dare you!"

The good-looking teenager was rattled and angry. In a state of panic, he released his vital energy and turned it into an armor. Meanwhile, he gathered all his spiritual sense in his Soul Sea and directed it to fend off the Spiritual Pot.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Within a few seconds, Austin punched him in the chest a dozen times.

The good-looking teenager spat out blood instantly, as his chest sagged visibly.

He got thrown away by the force and collapsed on the ground, letting out heart-wrenching screams.

'This principal disciple of the holy land is indeed powerful. I punched him a dozen times and each punch had the force of ninety million pounds. But he is still alive, ' Austin thought, looking at the injured teenager.

To avoid drawing any more attention, Austin decided to leave the palace.

He activated the Dragon Lightness, and was headed towards the entrance point.

At the same time, he took out the Invincible Bow. He kept running while shooting arrows formed by the vital energy to attack the young man with a wide forehead.

Since he was utilizing the Magic Archery, he didn't need to aim at his target. Once he identified the aura of his target's spiritual soul, the arrows wo

from the Rudimentary Holy Land about the incident through his spiritual sense.

Soon after, four to five elders began chasing Austin and the old man.

"Bloody hell!

Why are these people of the Rudimentary Holy Land chasing you?

Be honest with me, did you find some amazing treasures or have you stolen something from them?"

the old man questioned Austin.

"Well, I killed a few disciples of the Rudimentary Holy Land. These elders want to avenge the death of their disciples," Austin lied.

He felt it wouldn't be right to tell him that they were after his semi-omnipotent herb.

"You're lying.

There are numerous treasures in this tomb. I don't think they would give up looking for precious things to take some revenge," the old man responded, unwilling to believe Austin's story.

He wasn't buying anything that Austin said.

"You can't get away. My advice to you is to stop right now."

The voice of one of the Rudimentary Holy Land elders reached their ears.

Being pursued by four or five elders from the Rudimentary Holy Land, the old man and Austin had no choice but to keep running.

Soon, the two of them had managed to reach far away from the imposing buildings.

Out of the blue, they heard the sound of water flowing.

As they kept going, Austin saw a black river. It was keeping them off from moving forward.

The river was quite weird as its water was as black as ink.

There were no waves or ripples on its surface. It looked dark, thick and gooey. Austin stared at it, and after a while, for some unknown reason he was frightened.

"It's... It's the Death River!"

the old man exclaimed in a high-pitched voice.

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