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   Chapter 1633 The Semi-omnipotent Herb

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Soon, Austin realized the scene that unfolded in front of him differed from what he had previously seen.

The cold air was gone, and the sun shone so bright he had to cover his face with his arm.

It felt like he was pulled into an underground world. Everything around him looked different.

Countless number of massive palaces occupied a large area in front of them. The majestic buildings dazzled with brilliant lights and radiated royalty.

Austin looked around and saw luxurious looking plants. The place was surrounded with unique flowers and rare herbs.

"Are we at the center of the tomb?

This is amazing!"

Austin shrieked with joy! He was so ecstatic and it showed in his face.

His eyes remained glued on the golden palaces that stood in front of him. They were imposingly tall and looked so elegant that Austin could not believe such magnificent buildings could exist in an underground tomb.

"Yes, we are at the center of the tomb. Legends told us, many treasures were hidden in these buildings. Let's split up," the old man said, his eyes beaming with excitement and anticipation.

He dashed into one of the palaces and disappeared in a flash.

Austin looked around him first and chose one of the most elegant buildings.

Heaps of shiny crystals surrounded the place, and it dazzled Austin.

"Brat, you are a rich man now. Enlightening crystals are everywhere,"

the Flame Emperor cried out in excitement.

Austin formed a huge hand with his vital energy. He controlled it to collect the enlightening crystals and put them inside his Space Ring.

Ever since he arrived at the Divine Continent, Austin had realized that the divine vital energy crystals were of little value.

Hence, he remained a poor man even if he owned a great number of divine vital energy crystals.

Austin wasted no time and collected all the enlightening crystals in the hall. He smiled as he envisioned himself, a fabulously rich man.

He collected over one hundred million enlightening crystals in the hall, and the value of these crystals was exceptionally high.

"Violet, gnome, come out. I need you to help me look for treasures," Austin said to his companions.

'Priceless treasures were hidden in these buildings. It will take me forever to search for it alone. With their help, I can g

ger said in excitement.

"A master once told me, there are less than thirty semi-omnipotent herbs in the East Mainland.

Now we got one here,"

the young man with a wide forehead replied, his eyes glued on the semi-omnipotent herb.

"Give me that herb, brat.

And I believe you pocketed all the herbs in these fields, right? Hand us all the herbs that you got," the handsome teenager said.

He extended his hand towards Austin as he commanded him to hand over the herb.

"What did you say? Why would I give my herbs to you?

Are you crazy? Did you hit your head?"

Austin mocked them as he placed the semi-omnipotent herb into his Space Ring.

To prevent it from running away, Austin sealed its power and safely tucked it away.

"You brat!

We are principal disciples from the Rudimentary Holy Land.

Which sect are you from?

People like you are not qualified to have the semi-omnipotent herb. Give it to us right now!

If you will not agree, consider yourself, your sect, and your family doomed,"

the handsome man declared, as he walked up to Austin.

What he said made sense.

The semi-omnipotent herb was of great value. Legend had it, that it could prolong the life of great masters who were dying of old age.

People lusted after the semi-omnipotent herb because of its unique power. No other herb could do such thing. Sects would want the herb to themselves and were willing to kill for it. If the person who owned it was not strong enough, he could lose the priceless herb together with his life.

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