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   Chapter 1632 Underground Tomb

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"Are you serious, old man? Will this dark, old passage lead us to Purple Immortal's tomb?

But those strong cultivators from different sects and clans are trying to destroy those things to get into the tomb. Are you suggesting that they've found the wrong place?

You have to be kidding, right?" Austin said, gaping at the old man.

None of this made sense anymore. The old man looked at Austin like he was a small child that didn't know anything about the world.

"The tomb those masters are attempting to break into is also Purple Immortal's.

Purple Immortal's tomb has two entrances, you know. Or maybe you don't since you are too young and naive.

The front entrance is full of danger while the back entrance is relatively safe.

Those strong cultivators are foolishly trying to get into the tomb through the front entrance.

That entrance is heavily guarded with traps and dangerous creatures. Even with hundreds of cultivators fighting, they may all die. It is believed that only the most extraordinary cultivators can make it.

The second way to get to Purple Immortal's tomb is the passage where we are currently standing.

Ancient people's tombs always come with two entrances.

One is easy to find while the other is hidden carefully,"

the old man explained.

Even though it sounded simple, Austin didn't completely understand what he was saying. There was too much excitement rushing through his head. 'Looks like I was right. This old man is not just a stall owner.

He even knew how to find this secret passage, ' Austin thought.

"What are we waiting for? Let's go look for treasures," Austin said, trying to walk past the old man.

However, the old man held out his arm and stopped Austin.

"Although this passage is relatively safe, it doesn't mean we will not be attacked. When we get into the tomb, stay close to me and don't run around," the old man ordered. Austin sighed and stepped back.

Bringing out his old dagger, the old man threw it with precision at the stone door. It fell like shards of glass onto the cave floor.

'If I can't get ahead of the old man, he will get all the treasures, '

Austin thought snidely to himself.

The old man didn't notice the childish expression of annoyance on Austin's face and stepped through the stone doorway.

Austin scampered in after him. The air around them was just as dark as it had been inside the passage.

A chilly wind blew and settled and blew again. Austin had a hard time breathing because the air was thick with dampness.

After they walked for a while, the passage opened up and the air became less stuffy. Austin's eyes widened in awe and he stopped in his tracks. His feet shuffled loudly against the stone floor.

'This looks like an underground world! All around me, there are several palaces, spacious halls, and limestone caves. And each conveniently has a tunnel leading to the next.

These palaces could lead anywhere. This place is more like a grand castle than a tomb. I can't wait to explore, ' Austin thought as he surveyed his surroundings.

He followed closely behind the old man. Every so often, they would h

e creatures would have already killed me.

This old man's strength is unfathomable. He must be a master of the martial arts, ' Austin commented, looking at the old man with a newfound admiration.

Even though Austin had a million questions he could ask, he chose to stay silent and follow the old man further into the tomb.

After a couple hours of walking, they were stopped again. This time, it wasn't by a creature. The whole tomb around them had begun shaking.

Austin would have thought it was an explosion but there was no loud bang. It could have been an earthquake...

Austin's thoughts were cut short when the sound of cheerful exclamations reached his ears.

"This is going to be very bad. Seems the masters from the different sects and clans in the East Mainland have finally broke into the tomb.

We need to hurry up.

Otherwise, we will not be able to get any precious treasures for ourselves.

We're near the center of the tomb.

All the treasures are hidden there. Come on!" the old man yelled.

Before Austin could comprehend what was happening, the old man had run forward at full speed, and moments later, he was nowhere to be seen.

"Hey, old man, wait for me. Don't leave me behind."

Austin employed the Dragon Lightness, and a few seconds later, he was approaching the old man. He landed gracefully next to him and began running to keep up.

"Brat, the bodily movement skill you are displaying is quite amazing,"

the old man complimented over his shoulder while he was running.

Austin found it difficult to believe that the old man thought fondly of him, even if it were for a moment. He ignored this and continued to run. They ran for several minutes before the old man spoke again.

"Be quick. We're almost there," the old man said excitedly as he sped up once again.

Unbelievably, the old man could run faster than he had been. Austin pushed his legs harder so that he would not lose sight of him again.

At this point, the noises behind them had grown louder. More and more people were barging into the tomb and heading towards them.

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