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   Chapter 1631 Confronting The Dead Men (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6075

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After a while, the whole tombstone exploded.

Large chunks of it rained down from the sky and fell into the depths of the cliff.


After the dust had cleared, a huge hole appeared where the tombstone had been. Freezing air was wafting out of it and hitting Austin in the face. His nose wrinkled as the smell of death washed over him once more.

The old man jumped into the air, performed an elated dance, and dashed into the entrance of the cave.

Austin watched his figure disappear in the darkness. The place was eerie and from what the old man had told him, dangerous. He debated whether it was worth finding out what was at the end. After struggling for a while, Austin went into the cave too.

At the same time, miles away, a multitude of people were still gathered around a valley where a one-hundred-meter tomb stood.

Flashes and waves of vital energy and magic treasures swept towards the tomb. Each of the people moved in synchronization, trying to break the arrays which prevented them from entering the tomb.

The entire tomb shook dramatically as if earthquake had struck.

Smiles spread on the peoples' faces. The tomb was the only one out of eighty one that they hadn't managed to enter yet, and they were moments away from bursting it open.

The people around the gorge were the top cultivators from different sects and clans of the East Mainland. They joined hands and launched their best skills to break the arrays around it.

Deep cracks split the entrance of the tomb and a dark, cold aura seeped from the cracks. The sky above their heads began to turn a misty black color.

Gradually, sound began to come out of the depths of the tomb. As it grew closer and louder. They could make out the thunder of horses hooves and battle-shouts of soldiers.

"Attention, everyon

rmed a couple lines and charged at the dead men, crows with human faces, and human-shaped creatures.

When they met, awful screams could be heard ripping through the air. Weapons clashed against vital energy and bodies fell and rose.

Meanwhile, Austin and the old man walked along a dark and musty passage in the ground. The old man led the way, holding a lantern in front of him.

The passage was dark and long but luckily, the two of them hadn't gotten into any trouble. They appeared to be alone and Austin once again began wondering why the old man had said this would be dangerous.

After they walked for several more minutes, a stone door appeared out of nowhere and blocked their path.

The old man stopped so abruptly that Austin nearly ran into him. They both examined the stone door.

"Where are we now, old man?" Austin asked curiously.

His voice echoed through the small space.

"Purple Immortal's tomb is in front of us,"

the old man replied, giving Austin a large smile.

'No way!' Austin thought. His mouth had fallen agape in surprise.

He took a closer look at the man to see whether he was joking and almost jumped in shock when he realized the old man wasn't at all.

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