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   Chapter 1629 Enter The Graveyard

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"I see," Paul said quietly, staring intensely at Austin.

"He is the one the beast race is trying to protect. They forbid our family to hurt him."

With one swift move, he shattered all the arrows formed by vital energy with his fists.

"You're a dead man, brat!"

At that point, Marcus was overwhelmed by incredible fury. He dashed towards Austin at full speed, his face contorted due to anger.

Austin, however, looked unfazed. Slowly, he lifted the Invincible Bow and aimed at the oncoming Marcus.

The next second, millions of arrows started coming towards Marcus.

Since there was a great amount of vital energy stored inside the vital energy stone, Austin didn't worry about running out of vital energy. He continuously launched arrows towards Marcus, not needing any kind of rest.

Four different kinds of fire—all different colors—flew out of the bronze furnace above his head. Soon after that, seas of fire inundated the area in front of Austin to stop Marcus from getting anywhere near him.

Despite Marcus' agility, he had a hard time avoiding all the arrows coming towards him. When the fire appeared, he had no choice to but to slow down.

Since he had already reached the preliminary stage of Divine Bridge Realm and he had already learned the Dark Scripture, the arrows made of vital energy and the fire released by Austin, couldn't hurt him one bit.

The rage inside Marcus was reaching boiling point. 'The bronze furnace was mine, but now he is using it to attack me!'

"Cut the crap!" Austin hissed at Peacock Princess and her maids though his spiritual sense.

"Let's get out of here as fast we can."

In a blink, he transported the girls to the City model.

He wasted no time and activated the Dragon Lightness. With only a few strides, he and his group had successfully vacated the area they were just at.

"You're really trying to run away, huh?" Paul mockingly asked, snorting defiantly. "Not so fast."

He moved at such an amazingly fast speed that he caught up with Austin in an instant.

Paul's abnormally high speed made Austin's heart miss a beat. He was scared. 'This... this guy is scary good. I don't think I can match him, ' he thought to himself, feeling sweat forming on his forehead.

To combat what he was feeling, Austin flexed his spatial power and disappeared into the void.

"Spatial force? Did he just use spatia

sects and clans in the East Mainland who died trying to break into the tombs.

But other than strong cultivators, there were also many mysterious dead creatures that filled the area.

Some of them looked like humans with long black hairs. Unfortunately, since their faces were covered by those hairs, the young cultivators could not identify nor get a decent look at them.

Some were crows with a human face. Although they were dead, they still gave off an evil aura, which made the people who saw them feel chills creeping up their spines.

The young cultivators studied these unknown creatures, and knowing the things they could do, they felt goosebumps cover their bodies. They had never met these things before, so they had no idea what they were.

Austin examined the graveyard, and suddenly a figure caught his attention.

'It's that old man, ' he thought.

He spotted the owner of the stall he met on the street just a few hours ago.

The old man was sneaking around the black hill.

'What is this old man doing? Is he collecting the crap here and planning to sell it to others?'

Austin wondered as he continued to observe the figure in the distance.

He had bought four black stones from the old man, and after the gray egg drew the time energy from them, many cracks appeared on its shell.

If he got more stones, Austin speculated that he might be able to hatch the egg sooner.

With that thought in mind, Austin decided to land for a bit and talk to the old man.

'The gray egg needs those stones, ' he thought to himself as he descended from the sky.

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