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   Chapter 1628 A Challenge

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"Humph! I'm challenging you for a duel. Are you going to accept it or not?"

Marcus said through his gritted teeth as he looked at the Peacock Princess full of spite.

He could not let go of his grudge towards the Peacock Princess because she almost killed him during their fight two months ago. And to make the matter worse, everyone from the East Mainland knew about his shameful defeat.

This tainted his reputation as a powerful cultivator.

The senior members of the Ji Family lost their confidence in him and took him for granted.

He hated the Peacock Princess to the core because of this.

The Peacock Princess couldn't help but smirk at his audacity. "A loser even dares to challenge me. Fine, if that's your death wish, I accept your challenge," she replied and briskly took a step forward.

She also held a deep grudge against Marcus.

Marcus gave her a murderous look and prepared to attack.

Suddenly, a hand gripped on his shoulder and stopped him from his tracks. It was Paul Ji who was standing next to him. "Wait.

I'm going to challenge her," he said slowly.

"What was that, cousin?"

Marcus asked as he looked at Paul Ji bewilderedly.

"The result will affect our family's reputation,"

Paul Ji replied flatly and took a few steps forward.

Marcus clenched his fists and was seething in anger. 'He is suggesting I will lose and bring shame to our family. How dare he look down on me?'

Even though Marcus was fuming with rage, he didn't dare to defy Paul Ji as this cousin of his outranked him in the Ji Family.

He glared at his cousin's back and watched him approaching the Peacock Princess.

"Instead of Marcus, I'd like to challenge you in behalf of my family. Do you dare to accept my challenge?" Paul Ji proposed in a very domineering voice.

Then he looked at the Peacock Princess in the eye and sneered.

"Yeah, I accept it," the Peacock Princess replied confidently.

She emitted formidable demonic aura.

Austin stood aside and watched the Peacock Princess in admiration. 'I didn't expect her to be so fearless and heroic, ' he thought.

"My lady, please don't act recklessly. Paul is very strong and powerful. You might not be able to match him,"

one of the maids anxiously persuaded Peacock Princess to consider the challenge.

"It's fine."

The Peacock Princess had made up her mind. She was determined to fight Paul Ji with all her might.

"Ha-ha. You didn't embarrass your father. All right. Let's have a good fight."

Paul laughed mockingly and dashed towards the P

'This is a formal duel, and I will not bear any responsibility if she will die from this battle. The members of the beast race will be very angry, but they can't blame me or my family, ' he brooded.

'I can't watch her die like this, ' Austin thought, as he fixed his eyes on the Peacock Princess, who had trouble defending herself.

After contemplating for a while, he decided to help the Peacock Princess. He started to attack Paul Ji with the Invincible Bow and shot him a dozen times.

He did not waste any more time and instantly released the bronze furnace. It floated above his head, and the seas of four kinds of fire pounced at Paul Ji.

With the bronze furnace over his head, Austin activated the Dragon Lightness and reached the Peacock Princess in a second.

Her injuries caused her to look very frail, and her pretty face turned deathly pale as if she was about to faint.

"Stop pushing yourself. Come with me," Austin said as he held the Peacock Princess by the hand.

He then dashed towards the dozen maids with the Peacock Princess.

"It's you, Mr. Lin," the Peacock Princess gushed. She sighed in relief when she recognized Austin's voice.

She allowed Austin to hold her hand and drag her away from the battlefield.

Austin's rescue was very timely. She had sustained serious injuries that she couldn't hold on any longer.

"There you are, little man!"

Cheryl and other maids also recognized Austin.

"It's you, you little bastard.

I'm going to kill you!"

Marcus was in a rage as he stared at the bronze furnace above Austin's head.

The bronze furnace used to be his, but Austin took it away from him. He would make sure that he could get it back.

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