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   Chapter 1627 The Street Vendor

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The Peacock Princess and a dozen of her maids were standing around a wayside stall set by a lean, old man.

On a piece of a dirty rag stretched on the ground, there were dozens of ancient antiques made of bronze, porcelain or jade.

"Rare treasures! Rare treasures excavated from the tomb of the Purple Immortal!"

The old man called out with a lot of effort every few minutes trying to catch the attention of customers.

Austin noticed that the Peacock Princess was holding a broken jade pendant in her hand, and looking at it with interest. It looked like she intended to buy it.

"Can you charge a little lesser, sir?"

The Peacock Princess asked. Her voice was very melodious, like the gurgling sound of a brook, winding through the valleys.

Being the princess of the beast race, she was not as seductive as her peers, but there was an elegance and nobleness in her character, like a fairy living on the moon.

"This is a jade pendant not cabbage, my girl, to bargain over its price.

I risked my life and exhausted myself to dig them out from the Purple Immortal's tomb.

It will cost at least 5000 enlightening crystals, or 10 ruling crystals. Nothing less than that!"

The lean old man shouted, with saliva sputtering out his mouth.

"My lady, please watch out. Don't fall into his trap.

He is merely a dirty old man. It is absolutely impossible for him to step into the Purple Immortal's tomb and get these items."

A slim and graceful maiden of the beast race reminded the princess. She was Cheryl. Her voice was soft and enchanting enough to pull a few heart strings.

"But this jade pendant looks so different from others!"

The Peacock Princess held that broken jade pendant, sizing it up repeatedly, but unable to make a final decision.

Suddenly, there was a coughing sound. "Well sir, where on earth did you get those fake things? Seem to come from some unknown graves!"

A strong young man walked across the crowd and taunted the old man sarcastically.

"Go away! Just go away! What do you know about antiques? Nothing! So don't blather and waste our time!"

The lean old man pulled a long face at the young man.

That st

o trespass except for Marcus.

"Oh god! They are Paul and Marcus, two eminent geniuses from Ji Clan!"

someone exclaimed in a low voice.

"It is really them. It is said that Paul got to the Bitter Sea Realm at the age of fifteen, and went through the Divine Bridge Realm when he was merely twenty.

And now, he is only 22 years old.

Among all his peers, Paul is so talented that he can easily get to the top five,"

someone murmured.

Everybody was astonished to see Paul, the man surrounded by black flames.

With his spiritual sense, Austin could hear people's discussion clearly. Facing such a powerful man left him aghast.

Reaching Bitter Sea Realm at fifteen! Divine Bridge Realm at twenty! Such great aptitude was really amazing. Indeed he had supreme talent.

"The defeated one! How dare you to come to threaten me?"

The Peacock Princess glared at Marcus. Her good-looking face suddenly turned grim.

In the Dawning Mountains, the beast race under the leadership of the Peacock Princes had a fierce fight against Marcus's family. Both sides suffered with a large number of casualties.

It was quite understandable why the princess bore grudge against Marcus.

"Marcus, your senior reclusive elder has made an agreement with our Flood Dragon King that you will not bother the Peacock Princess any more.

How dare you! How can you do such despicable things?"

Cheryl stepped forward and berated Marcus loudly.

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