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   Chapter 1626 Second Encounter With The Peacock Princess

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"Is that so? Are you really worried about my safety?" Austin countered.

'He is just trying to embarrass me, ' he thought.

"Don't be rude! If that is what Will said, just do what you're told. You should treat him with more respect. After all, he is your senior fellow," another disciple of the Divine Bridge Realm reprimanded Austin.

He stood beside Will, staring at Austin full of hostility in his eyes.

Obviously, he sided with Will.

"What if I refuse to follow his instruction?" Austin said in an arrogant tone.

His face was expressionless, with no trace of fear.

"Watch your tone!"

The man who stood beside Will was so angry, his face turned all red. He clenched his fist and with a loud sound, an enormous vital energy came out from his body and enveloped Austin.

Austin froze in his place, unable to move a single muscle in his body.

"Come on, please let it go. If Elder Brendan finds out about this, he will be furious,"

a short, thin disciple intervened.

"It's none of your business. Stay out of this!

Arrogant and disrespectful disciples like him should be taught a lesson," Will said gravely. His eyes narrowed at the disciple who spoke for Austin.

Will unleashed his vital energy and directed it at him.

The disciple lost all the color on his face and stood there terrified. He had just reached the medium stage of Bitter Sea Realm. He could never match Will's power and strength.

'I see. Partners in crime, huh! Looks like the two of them are trying to gang-up on me, ' Austin thought.

He suspected that Will and his companion were out to harass him.

'They are at the Divine Bridge Realm. I don't stand a chance defeating them on my own. I need to get out of here, soon, ' he decided.

Austin looked around him as he thought of a way out.

Without a word, Austin used the Dragon Lightness. He took a few steps forward and suddenly he appeared to be tens of thousands of miles away. Rays of light scattered behind him as a bright mist consumed him. Soon he was out of sight.

Will and the disciple who had his back looked around them, confused. They tried to look for Austin, but he was nowhere to be found.

Both of them were at the Divine Bridge Realm, and they both released their vital energy to keep Austin from running away.

They didn't think Austin could still activate his bodily movement skill.

k Princess, the use of secret skill consumed him and drained most of his power. Activating the secret skill cost him too much blood essence and this almost got him killed.

He was blessed to be a member of an eminent family. The people from the Ji Family managed to save his life.

To Austin's surprise, Marcus had reached the preliminary stage of Divine Bridge Realm.

'What the hell is going on with this guy? He was fortunate enough to escape the Peacock Princess, and survived the ordeal of using a secret skill. And he even made a breakthrough.

No wonder the Ji Family is one of the three most prominent families in the East Mainland. People in that family could save a dying person's life and even make him stronger.'

Other than Marcus, Austin also run into a lot of powerful young men who stood out in the crowd.

'Even members of the beast race are here, ' Austin thought.

He spotted many members from the beast race. Even though they pretended to be humans, their demonic aura gave them away, and made Austin notice them.

"My lady, don't be fooled. This old man is a liar."

Austin heard a familiar voice as he walked around. It was a pleasant female voice, and he looked around to search for her.

A dozen of attractive women stood around a stall. They each possessed delicate features and inviting figures. They had bewitching auras that could put any man under a spell.

They were from the beast race.

"What a surprise! They came here too,"

Austin murmured.

The girls he was staring at were the Peacock Princess and her personal maids.

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