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   Chapter 1625 Will's Provocation

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Austin had no plans of taking Caroline with him.

She had just reached the preliminary stage of Semi-emperor Realm so she needed time to consolidate it.

Besides, she still had one more Green Evil Pill. She planned to cultivate in her room and try to make another breakthrough.

The Green Evil Pill was very helpful in the cultivation of the evil shadow race members. It didn't have any side effects so they could take it without any concerns.

Two hours later, Austin bid farewell to Caroline and went to the square.

Elder Brendan, Elder Damian and Steward Nolan were already there. Austin saw the three of them standing in the center.

There were three elders at the base: Elder Brendan, Elder Leder and Elder Damian. So far, Austin hadn't met Elder Leder yet. It was because this elder seldom appeared outside. He was usually dealing with sect matters at the base.

Elder Brendan and Elder Damian were the ones going out frequently.

A few moments later, all the disciples who were going on a mission to explore Purple Immortal's tomb gathered in the square. There were thirty of them.

Five of them were at the Divine Bridge Realm.

Twenty were at the Bitter Sea Realm.

And four were at the Emperor Realm.

Austin was the only one who was just at the Semi-emperor Realm.

His relatively low cultivation base made him controversial.

"Elder Brendan, this young man has just entered the Semi-emperor Realm. I don't think it's a good idea to have him go with us," complained one disciple clad in blue clothes.

"If he gets into trouble, we will be the one to rescue him for sure. He will only be a burden to us," he added.

This disciple was at the Divine Bridge Realm.

He was none other than Will, the man Austin had a confrontation with two months ago.

He gave Austin an indifferent glance. There was hostility in his eyes.

Austin met his gaze. He was trying to contain himself as he clenched his fist.

'This man really wants to give me a hard time. I know that he still wants to take Caroline away from me, ' thought Austin. His eyes became sharp and fierce.

"You don't have anything to worry. I believe he can handle things well," responded Elder Brendan.

He then turned to the other disciples.

"Everyone, move out!"

As Elder Damian waved his hand, a beast skeleton flew out from his sleeve. It grew bigger and runes on it lit up.

When the beast skeleton was ready, the two elders and the disciples jumped onto it. Then it soared into the air and in an instant was nowhere to be seen.

After a five-day journey, the skeleton was now above the Dawning Kingdom. Then a few moments later, it landed in th

Damian took out his beast skeleton. All of them got onto it and continued their journey.

Half a day had passed.

A town came into their view.

As they were approaching the town, they saw that it was crowded with people.

Even the mountains nearby the town were filled with a great number of cultivators.

Meanwhile, a huge number of people from afar were also on their way to the town.

Apparently, the Purple Immortal's tomb was in the vicinity of this town.

Elder Brendan took all of them to a place where they could stay.

"All of you, just wait here. No one is allowed to go alone," said Elder Brendan to the thirty disciples.

Then he rushed towards the west of the town together with Elder Damian and Steward Nolan.

They were heading towards the area with towering mountains. While they were on their way, their views were blurred by the mist.

Austin knew that the three of them were going to check the situation first.

All of a sudden, Will approached Austin.

"You're just at the Semi-emperor Realm but you have the balls to join us in exploring the tomb. You're unbelievable! You're giving yourself too much credit, man,"

Will teased while giving him a look with contempt.

"That's none of your business," snapped Austin.

He faced Will with creased brows.

"Humph! Who says so? A loser like you will surely just hold us back so I think it's better that you back out," said Will.

Apparently, he was really trying to provoke Austin.

"Why don't you just go and find a safe place to hide? Then you can join us again once we're back from our exploration," suggested Will in disdain.

Austin tried his best to control his temper. He wouldn't allow Will to ruin him.

With a fierce gaze, he just looked Will in the eye.

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