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   Chapter 1624 The Purple Immortal

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"Alright then! You'd better hurry up and make a breakthrough."

Upon hearing that Caroline was about to make a breakthrough, Austin was very happy.

After Austin said those words, Caroline entered the hut.

She sat cross-legged, and began to use the cultivation method she had practiced.

The cultivation method she employed was specially used for cultivating the evil energy. And it belonged specifically to the evil shadow race.

Half a day later, Austin used his spiritual sense to check on Caroline. He found her sitting with her legs crossed, still practicing the cultivation method in the hut.

The strong evil energy spread in the whole hut, like a sea, and it completely enclosed Caroline in it.

After carefully feeling Caroline's breath, Austin was relieved to know that Caroline would be able to make a breakthrough successfully.

"In about five months, I'll be going back to the Solamnia Kingdom to fight Howard from the Vasteras Holy Land,"

Austin murmured to himself as he stood outside the hut.

His thoughts were filled with the scene of the battle arena which he and Howard had agreed upon.

The time fixed for the combat was a year later.

Nearly seven months had passed.

In other words, Austin and Howard would be involved in a duel in just another five months.

Howard was at the premium stage of Emperor Realm, while Austin had reached the premium stage of Semi-emperor Realm now. The gap between these two was too huge to be ignored.

Austin now had the bronze furnace which he had snatched from Marcus. Now he was not afraid of those who had reached the premium stage of Bitter Sea Realm, let alone those who had reached only the premium stage of Emperor Realm.

Yet Austin wanted to beat Howard with his real strength.

He didn't want to rely on the magic treasures which he had.

Besides, Howard was a disciple of the Vasteras Holy Land that was rich in resources. Austin was aware that he too might have some magic treasures.

Therefore, Austin still felt great pressure whenever he thought about his fight with Howard.

Austin knew that he had to build his strength further over the next five months to ensure that he had a greater chance of beating Howard.

Caroline was trying to make a breakthrough in the hut.

That was when an amazing event came out of the East Mainland.

The tomb of the Purple Immortal was found!

According to the legend, hundreds of thousands of years ago,

b of the Purple Immortal to look for treasure.

"What? You jerk! Do you really mean the tomb of the Purple Immortal?"

The Flame Emperor spoke suddenly as he was stirred by Austin's murmur.

Although the Purple Immortal was from hundreds of thousands of years ago, he was remembered by all the people of the East Mainland.

Most of the cultivators had heard of this ancient great master and the stories of his strength and accomplishments.

The Flame Emperor used to be a cultivator of the Divine Continent, so it was quite natural for him to know about the Purple Immortal.

"That's right! Elder Damian has asked me to accompany him to the tomb of the Purple Immortal to look for treasure.

What's wrong? Have you also heard of him?"

Austin asked with curiosity.

It was a fact that Austin had never heard of the Purple Immortal before. So, he was unfamiliar with him.

"Of course! I know about him!"

answered the Flame Emperor excitedly.

The Flame Emperor told the story of the Purple Immortal to Austin in detail.

After hearing all about him, Austin was shocked.

"I never expected that there was a Purple Immortal, who is regarded as the great master of the human race, and he lived hundreds of thousands of years ago.

It's quite amazing!"

Austin exclaimed in astonishment.

"Well, now that I've got the chance to get to know him, I will not waste it."

Austin made the decision as he was totally intrigued by the Purple Immortal.

There would be many opportunities, secrets and treasures in the tomb of an ancient great master.

And Austin was not someone who'd waste this rare chance.

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