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   Chapter 1623 Reaching The Premium Stage Of Semi-emperor Realm

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"It's not your fault. The problem is in me. I am not strong enough to protect you."

Austin's voice was full of regret.

"But from now on, I promise you Caroline, I will cultivate myself hard. I will make myself the strongest. When that day comes, no one can ever take you away from me. I will never let anyone touch you. I promise to protect you with all my life," said Austin in a gentle tone.

He then rested his chin on her head. The fragrance of her hair filled his nose.

"I believe you," replied Caroline in a sweet voice.

She felt like she was the happiest woman in the world. Any woman in her shoes would definitely feel the same.

"By the way, the man who just came by was Will Fang. He is not a simple person. It would be best if you stay away from him," warned Caroline.

As much as possible, she didn't want Austin to get into any trouble again.

"What do you know about him?" asked Austin.

He was not scared at all. But it would also be useful if he knew some information about that man.

"He is one of the five talents at the base. Although he is just twenty-four years old, he is already at the preliminary stage of Divine Bridge Realm," explained Caroline.

"It is said that he is one of the most important disciples for the senior members there," she added.

Caroline wanted Austin to be aware of Will Fang's background so he would also know how to deal with him the next time they would meet.

She knew that the possibility of Will Fang and Austin to cross paths again was very high.

"I don't care who he is. If he dares to make undesirable actions on you again, I will never let him go," said Austin coldly.

A hint of fury flashed through his eyes.

However, Austin was also aware that he was too weak in comparison with the strong cultivators as of the moment.

He still needed to train and cultivate himself harder.

'If Elder Brendan didn't stop us, I might have been defeated by Will. He is at the preliminary stage of Divine Bridge Realm and his martial skills are extremely powerful. I am really no match for him, ' brooded Austin.

He recalled everything that happened in his mind.

'He created a livid sea to break the seas of fire. Those were three kinds of Unearthly Fire and Black Hell Fire. They were supposed to be incredibly powerful. But Will withstood the blow in a heartbeat. Meaning, he is really a formidable opponent.'

Austin couldn't deny the fact that he was impressed with Will's talents.

He wished to be as strong as him or even stronger.

When he was still in the Prime Martial World, he was one of the best cultivators there. Almost everyone admired him.

But when he came to the Divine Continent, he realized that he was just a weak cult

was able to cultivate in the innermost vital energy refining room without exploding.

That room was the best place to enter a new level so Austin chose to stay there.

The violent spiritual energy from the natural vessel contributed a lot to his successful breakthrough.

Since Austin had already achieved his goal to be at the premium stage of Semi-emperor Realm, he prepared to go back to the hill.

Caroline was so delighted to see him again. It had been one month so she missed him a lot.

"You are now at the premium stage of Semi-emperor Realm," exclaimed Caroline in delight.

She was so proud that Austin had successfully made it to the premium stage of Semi-emperor Realm. If he could make another breakthrough, he would then enter the Emperor Realm.

"What about you, Caroline? What's your cultivation base?" inquired Austin.

Being at the premium stage of Holy Realm, Caroline was a weak cultivator in the Divine Continent.

Austin cared much about her cultivation as well.

If possible, Austin wanted to help her make a breakthrough to improve her cultivation base.

"I took a Green Evil Pill the other day. I have the feeling that my breakthrough is coming along," replied Caroline.

Elder Brendan had given her a total of three Green Evil Pills.

Those pills would help a lot in her cultivation.

"I'm glad to hear that. It seems the Green Evil Pill is really helpful in your cultivation," commented Austin.

Then he thought of something.

"I need to hurry and improve my pill refining skill. In that way, I can make more Green Evil Pills for you and your people."

Austin really wanted Caroline to become stronger as well as her people.

"That's great!" said Caroline in a sweet voice.

"And by the way, I need you to protect me when I'm going to make a breakthrough."

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