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   Chapter 1622 Austin's Rival For Love

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He perceived what was happening, yet he chose not to come out just yet.

At a clearing in the bamboo forest right in front of Caroline's hovel, a man dressed in blue sat cross-legged on a mat.

He was playing his seven-stringed musical instrument, gently, romantically, and skillfully.

Beautiful music echoed all over the bamboo forest and the entire hill

and anyone who heard it would've felt stirred.

Caroline stood in front of her hut, frowning at the man.

"Please, Mr. Fang. Get out of here.

You're disturbing my cultivation,"

Caroline said to the young man, her face expressionless.

The man kept playing even as he answered Caroline.

"Must you always push me away like this, Caroline?

I made this song for you. I've poured out all my feelings for you here.

I really hope you will hear me out first," he said.

"Don't you have any shame?

Why are you still here? Caroline already asked you to leave!"

A figure suddenly showed up beside Caroline.

He was Austin.

"Oh my! You're back!"

Caroline beamed at the sight of her man. She leaped at Austin and hugged him tightly.

The young man's face turned sour as he watched Caroline's reunion with Austin. He stopped playing out of utter annoyance.

"Who the hell are you?" The young man directed to Austin.

As he looked daggers at him, he released a formidable aura.

Austin was astounded by the man's vital energy aura

and soon realized that he was at the Divine Bridge Realm.

It was a level higher than the Bitter Sea Realm.

Cultivators at the Bitter Sea Realm no longer posed a threat to Austin because he had the bronze furnace.

However, a Divine Bridge Realm master was different. He was fully aware that he was no match for him.

"Watch your mouth, Mr. Fang. I told you I have a boyfriend, but you didn't believe me,"

Caroline said, curling her lips in vexation.

"I'm in love with him."

"You're at the medium stage of Semi-emperor Realm, right? Are you part of our sect?"

the man in blue asked, glaring as he sized Austin up.

"I don't need to answer you. I don't have any business with you.


the man were stunned and stopped in their tracks. They recognized an even greater power in their midst.

The voice belonged to Elder Brendan.

"What do you think you're doing?"

Elder Brendan's voice seemed to have come from the sky.

Austin used his spiritual sense to locate Elder Brendan but to no avail. Chills went up to his spine as he felt in awe of Elder Brendan's dexterity.

"Elder Brendan, please forgive me. I tried to test his battle force on a whim. I didn't mean to hurt him,"

the man in blue replied.

Elder Brendan paused before relaying his response. He was a man of few words.

"I don't want to see this happen again. Understood?"

"Yes, Elder Brendan,"

the man in blue answered with a bow.

The sky lightened up and they didn't hear from Elder Brendan's voice again.

A while later, the man appealed to Caroline again.

"Caroline, you're a good girl. Please reassess your feelings. I hope you make the right choice. Don't ever forget that I'm just here," he said sweetly.

"As for you," the man continued, fixing his eyes on Austin. "You should make a reality check. You're weak. You can't protect Caroline or even give her a bright future.

If you truly love her, let her go."

With his bodily movement skill activated, he disappeared in a few seconds.

"Sorry, Austin. I got you in trouble," Caroline said, her expression forlorn.

She embraced Austin once more.

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