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   Chapter 1621 Return To The Base

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"Can't you see?

Now that I have the flag, it means Carl died in my hands,"

Austin said with a faint smile.

"You're a liar. Carl is at the premium stage of Bitter Sea Realm, while you are just at the Semi-emperor Realm. It's impossible for you to defeat him. More so, kill him.

You must have used some tricks to murder him. That's how you got the flag.

Give us the flag, right now!" the leader of the Incept Sect shouted. He was freaking out and had lost control over his emotions.

Suddenly, an unbearable power hovered above Austin's head and seemed to have frozen him in his place.

Austin felt like his blood and vital energy stopped flowing, and he could not move. He tried to move his fingers, and toes, but none of it worked.

'Oh, man, he is powerful. I don't doubt that he can take my life in a heartbeat without even lifting a finger, ' Austin thought. He felt terrified by the power unleashed by the leader of the Incept Sect. He tried to come up with something to repel the spell, but nothing seemed to work.

"That's enough, Mr. Li.

Based on the rules, the participant who comes back with the flag will be declared as the winner. It doesn't matter how he won or what strategy he used.

Now that our disciple got the flag, our sect is the winner.

I hope you can accept defeat and stop violating the rules," Elder Damian cut in.

He then raised his arm and flicked his hand in the air. A mist came out of his sleeve and released a soft power. It slowly moved towards Austin. Glitters of dust encircled Austin, and it settled on his feet.

Austin could feel the pressure coming from the leader of the Incept Sect was being lifted away from him. He could now move his body.

Elder Damian took the flag from Austin and erected it on the platform where the members of the Shiny Sect stood, patiently waiting for the drama to end.

The huge flag danced with the wind declaring victory to the rightful sect.

It was only now that people present in the tournament knew about the result.

'Shiny Sect won the game!

The disciple of the Semi-emperor Realm gets all the credit for the victory.'

Austin became the focus on the grassland. All eyes were on him. Everyone was surprised with the unexpected victor.

The leader of the Incept Sect glared at Austin. He hated the young man's gut. His face darkened as his mind became filled with evil thoughts.

An eerie silence filled the whole hunting area.

After a long pause, he took his eyes off Austin. "Let's get going," he said to his crew. He straightened his back and flapped his sleeves as he prepared himself to leave.

Without looking back, he headed towards the entrance of the hunting area and disappeared in a fla

disciples of the Shiny Sect were fellow apprentice.

Other than Elder Damian, Austin and the other disciples from the Flame Holy Land, there were five more people on the beast skeleton.

They were the five principal disciples of the Shiny Sect who were at the Bitter Sea Realm.

Elder Damian had been watching them closely for a long time. He intended to bring them to the base of the Flame Holy Land.

Satisfied with their performance at the tournament, he had decided to take them to the base and train them. They maybe skillful but with further training they could become more powerful and undefeated in battles.

Outstanding, talented disciples in the Shiny Sect would be brought to the base of the Flame Holy Land and would get a special training.

Five days later, the beast bone flew above the mountains where the base of the Flame Holy Land was situated.

The small village slowly came into full view.

The beast bone flew inside a towering tree in the eastern part of the village.

They were back at the base.

The beast bone landed on the square where Elder Damian, Austin and other disciples of the Flame Holy Land took off as they left for the Dawning Kingdom.

Austin took a deep breath. Excitement ran through his veins.

It had been two months since he left the base. He missed Caroline very much.

Anxious to meet Caroline, he was the first one to jump off the bone. In haste, he said his goodbyes to Elder Damian and his other companions. He seemed to be floating on air and rushed towards the hill where he lived at full speed.

Excited, he unleashed his spiritual sense to see what Caroline was doing. As he was about to reach the hill, his face darkened.

'What's all this?'

he wondered.

His spiritual sense spotted Caroline with a young man in indigo clothes.

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